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Leaders know intuitively that culture matters, even if the vast majority focus their efforts on strategy and rely on instinct when it comes to managing culture. One reason for this gap is that culture often appears ethereal: a nebulous concept that cannot be measured or moved. However, the right process gives leaders the framework, tools, and ability to build a culture that promotes the mindset needed to execute the strategy.

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“PETRONAS has experienced accelerated results in strategy execution and speed to market while making excellent progress in our transformation journey since partnering with the leaders in culture management.”

Wan Zulkiflee, President & Group CEO, PETRONAS

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Our Process

World-class organizations create a lasting, sustainable culture by giving regular attention to diagnosing the status quo, developing a game plan to address problems, and deploying this plan across the organization. This repeatable three-step process is essential to good culture management.


Articulate your current culture so you can define what your ideal culture should look like. We provide a thorough diagnosis of your team or organizational culture through interviews with strategically selected participants to gather data and cultural information. We also leverage our Culture Advantage Index™ to establish a reference point that informs change, baselines your current culture, and measures future progress.

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The adage “measure twice, cut once” applies in designing any culture transformation plan. Drawing from insights gathered during the diagnostics stage, we work with you to craft a careful, guided plan to intentionally shift culture. Our recommendations—from keynotes to team workshops to resetting your culture enterprise-wide—close gaps and leverage strengths in your current culture, leading to greater alignment, clarity, and accountability.


Without action, the best laid plans fall short. Ensure alignment and action across your entire organization with our proprietary methods, workshops, and tools. Enable your independent culture management—so you can accelerate and sustain results far into the future.

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