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Partners In Leadership

Accountability Experts

Our 30-year record of success confirms the tremendous value our approach delivers: positive impact on the culture of our clients’ organizations and the very way they do business.

Our Founders

Partners In Leadership was founded in 1989 by Roger Connors and Tom Smith, the four-time New York Times bestselling authors of the most extensive body of knowledge on workplace accountability ever written. They are considered the worldwide experts on workplace accountability.They each bring over 30 years of extensive expertise in assisting senior management teams all over the world in successfully facilitating large-scale cultural transformation.

When Partners In Leadership was recapitalized by Hammond, Kennedy, Whitney & Company, Inc. (HKW) in 2015, Roger and Tom moved to board and strategic advisory roles with Partners In Leadership. Both continue to present to audiences worldwide on the topics of accountability and culture as well as research and write.

Roger Connors

Co-Founder, Author, Board Member

Tom Smith

Co-Founder, Author, Board Member

Leadership Team

Our executives lead Partners In Leadership in our mission of delivering unprecedented results for our clients, our people, and our communities. Meet some of our leadership team below:

Gordon Treadway

CEO, President

Brent Barton

Chief Financial Officer

Tracy Skousen

Sr. Partner, President International


Sr. Partner, Practice Leader

John Jacobsen

Chief Operating Officer

Lisa Miller

Vice President, Human Resources

Tony Bridwell

Partner, Practice Leader

Christa Martin

Vice President, Marketing

Partners In Leadership

Partners In Leadership