Accelerate Results

Culture produces results—for better or worse. Manage your culture for greater impact.

Manage Culture for Greater Impact

Managing culture effectively gives any organization a new competitive advantage and leads to game-changing results.

In today’s environment, business moves so rapidly and information comes so quickly that you need responsive systems that propel people to become invested, proactive, resourceful, accurate, quick, and creative. Getting employees to invest fully is critical to accelerating results.

Turn to culture management first to shift, modify, or ramp in strategy—and then continue managing your culture to maintain the shift and ramp in results.

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How We Help Clients


Create Your Culture Advantage®

The stronger the culture, the greater the organization performs. All without ignoring tangible measures such as ROI, net income, sales growth, and cash flow. The numbers speak for themselves—our clients experience 25%+ increase in speed to market, employee engagement, agility, and growth (averages). Your Culture Advantage IndexTM results will compare your organization to best practices in the following major categories:

  • Feedback Seeking
  • Psychological Ownership
  • Creative Problem-Solving
  • Taking Effective Action

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“Groups of executives who lead companies or divisions or major functions need to balance leading their own teams and leading the enterprise together.”

– Michael D. Watkins, Harvard Business Review

Advantage by the Numbers

Increase in average annual cashback rebates given to members


Compliance in hand hygiene (up 42 percentage points in 18 months)


Increase in employee engagement within two years


Ambitious transformation yields unprecedented growth

A much-admired credit union got intentional about culture management and produced a 55% growth in annual non-interest income and 16X increase in monetary donations to local communities.

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Best Achievement in Transforming Culture

Novelis’s culture efforts have resulted in 19% reduction in injuries; 22% improvement in customer satisfaction; 49% improved quality; 97% completion of scheduled maintenance; and ROCE increased from 5.1% to 14.6%. The company won the 2020 OPEX Award for Best Achievement in Transforming Organizational Culture.

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Legacy comes from aligning two cultures

Marco’s Pizza chairman and CEO Jack Butorac acquired the franchise rights to the chain in 2004, with the explicit goal of turning the little-known Ohio operator into one of the country’s biggest pizza chains. Today, Marco’s the seventh largest pizza chain in the U.S.

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