Accountability Builder®

Elevate accountability organization wide.

Accelerate results by inspiring individuals to take personal ownership of the change. Our Accountability Builder® program sparks motivation, ownership, and innovation.

When do you need Accountability Builder?

  1. Your team or organization is struggling to get results.
  2. Unproductive behaviors are showing up in the form of missed goals, fractured performance, passive aggression, and unhappy customers.
  3. You need to accelerate results by inspiring individuals to take personal ownership.

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Three ways to experience a workshop

Live (Custom)

Bring us onsite to deploy the rich experience of our workshops—tailored to your organization’s or team's learning objectives. This highly interactive learning environment supports the rapid delivery of culture management, leadership, and accountability into your organization.
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Virtual (Custom)

A great choice for organizations dealing with travel restrictions and practicing social distancing, this version enables a remote workforce to experience the same strategic alignment and heightened accountability that come from live workshops.
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Live Online (Public)

Partners in Leadership offers a series of open live workshops throughout the year. Individuals, teams and organizations can sign up to learn the keys to becoming a good leader and achieving results by instilling a culture of accountability.
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How accountable is your workforce?

Find out now

What’s involved?

What you learn

  • The Steps to Accountability®
  • Overcome Below The Line® behavior
  • Identifying your Accountability Gap®
  • Improve performance with feedback
  • Apply the See It, Own It, Solve It, Do It® Accountability Tool

What’s the impact

  • Hit goals and growth targets faster
  • Boost performance—and your bottom line
  • Engage and retain your highest performers
  • Achieve game-changing results

What you get

  • Copy of The New York Times bestselling book The Oz Principle
  • Accountability Builder workbook and pocket card training guide
  • 1-year of PILtools access
  • Pre-workshop assessment
 ($1,500 value)

What leaders are saying about Accountability Builder

Partners In Leadership has the answer. They have taken a most difficult subject—that is creating greater accountability—and have made it understandable and achievable. Having read their books, attended their workshops, and put into practice their tools and techniques, I can attest to the fact that what they are saying really works.

Joe Hohner, SVP, Chief of Staff and CIO, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

The language of Oz became part of the EMT (Emergency Medical Treatment) lexicon. Soldiers were often overheard saying ‘he’s not taking ownership of this situation’ or ‘that’s clearly below the line.’ Though at times it was tongue-in-cheek, it demonstrated that they understood and were capable of implementing the principles of organizational accountability. I felt very proud every time I heard one of those comments.

Daniel B. Thompson, MAJ, AN, OIC, EMT, 325th Combat Support Hospital

Onsite Workshops

We come to you to develop your team or organizational leaders on these game-changing leadership techniques.

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