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Redstone GROWTH by the numbers

Within a half year of launching the first Partners In Leadership program, Redstone saw extraordinary improvements to their already successful culture.


Percentage growth in annual non-interest income.


Percentage increase in loans.


Percentage increase in average annual total member giveback, excluding dividends.


Percentage increase in monetary donations to local communities.


Percentage increase in average annual cashback rebates given to members.


Member rewards consisting of dividends, rebates/promotions, givaways, cashback, reduced fees, lower loan rates, and Redstone rewards.

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Helps You Create a Powerful Company Skillset

The Workplace Accountability Index™ measures a company’s ability to:

  • Harness disruption
  • Execute on corporate strategy
  • Handle change and respond quickly
  • Solve problems
  • Accountability at team and organizational levels
  • Produce results

It’s a call to action to stay ahead of change and accelerate speed to market.

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See It —Feedback Seeking: a = 0.81

Own It —Psychological Ownership: a = 0.79

Solve It —Creative Problem Solving: a = 0.86

Do It — Taking Effective Action: a = 0.85

Values > 0.70 indicate high reliability.

Get Aligned Now! Know your Gaps – Know how to fix them

The accountability methodology we learned from Partners in Leadership is driving the fastest organizational and leadership alignment I have ever seen in my career. It is impressive how quickly even a global company can agree on the key changes it must make if it is going to radically improve its performance.”

Carla Cooper
CEO, Daymon Worldwide

PIL gave us practical and powerful tools that our management team embraced early in our company’s formation. I am confident that applying these concepts and creating a Culture of Accountability will propel us to success in the difficult world of start¬ups and prove vital in realizing our vision to transform an entire industry.”

Todd Pope
President and CEO, TransEnterix

Partners In Leadership

Partners In Leadership