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Accountability Training® Is the Answer

When it comes to achieving your Key Results, addressing Accountability Gaps will accelerate your achievement at any level. When you address these gaps, the issues jeopardizing results will begin to disappear.

Engagement. Execution. Results.

Our training solutions equip you with the ability to hold others accountable for results, align leaders and teams around results, foster feedback and collaboration, strengthen the ability to execute. Combining powerful principles to deliver results, our training approach includes:

  • Building a foundation of positive accountability.
  • Focusing on business outcomes and specific, prioritized results.
  • Utilizing simple, common sense-oriented concepts in a curriculum focused on application.
  • Deploying our leading edge digital tools to embed training into daily application: step-by-step guided tutorials with chunk-sized video lessons, application exercises and tools, and a professional accreditation certification.

Our training solutions, when used in combination, build a healthy organizational culture that delivers results. Our workshops are available for in-house delivery, for open-enrollment registration, and with a train-the-facilitator (TTF) option.

FACT: Facilitator-led sessions positively impact participants’ daily work—more than any other training methodology. Our clients continue to choose instructor-led training to increase employee engagement and enhance leadership development.

Three Tracks To Creating Greater Accountability®

We created the Three Tracks To Creating Greater Accountability to answer the challenges our clients face as they grow and evolve. Our award-winning blend of world-class curriculum and transforming methodology offers proven answers for immediate concerns and comprehensive, adaptable solutions for sustained results over time.

ThemeTake personal accountability to close Accountability Gaps (performance gaps related to the Key Results).Accelerate culture change by creating alignment and accountability for the change effort and get real traction around achieving your Key Results.Hold others accountable the positive, principled way and win! Deliver on Key Expectations and improve morale.
Based onThe Oz Principle

Change the Culture, Change the Game

How Did That Happen?

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FocusThe top three Key Results for the organizationR2 and the R2 Key Results.One Key Expectation associated with enterprise objectives.
When do I need it?Help people move Above The Line® and take ownership for improved results.Accelerate culture change to yield real traction around results.Energize the workforce around key initiatives that allow them to win and cause the organization to win.
BenefitsPeople taking personal accountability to close Accountability Gaps affecting Key Results.Intact teams taking accountability to accelerate culture change—to think and act in the manner necessary to achieve R2.People holding others accountable to fulfill Key Expectations (where not delivering is not an option)
Format- Public workshop
- In-house training
- Enterprise-wide Licensing
- In-house training
- Enterprise-wide Licensing
- Public workshop
- In-house training
- Enterprise-wide Licensing
Certification optionsFacilitator certification (public and in-house)Facilitator certification (in-house only)Facilitator certification (public and in-house)
Follow-on toolsDigital companion PILtools®Digital companion PILtools®Digital companion PILtools®
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Partners In Leadership

Partners In Leadership