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The Holding Others Accountable Track

Our Others Track consulting and training solution is all about successfully establishing and executing on Key Expectations—expectations where not delivering is not an option. Based on the New York Times bestseller How Did That Happen?, this track provides individuals, managers, and senior leaders a proven methodology to follow that provides a positive, principled way of holding others accountable using the Accountability Sequence model. Additionally, the solution provides managers and leaders the ability to troubleshoot scenarios in which a Key Expectation may fail to be delivered.

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Learn how to hold others accountable in a way that produces results and builds morale at the same time.

Specifically, we partner with our clients to implement the Others Track in their organization to:

  • Create positive accountability: We help our clients redefine accountability when it comes to holding others accountable as a positive, while providing a principled process for carrying out expectations.
  • Properly FORM expectations: This process helps leaders and managers form Key Expectations in a way that is frameable, obtainable, repeatable, and measureable—ensuring successful understanding and execution.
  • Establish the “Why”: We help our clients positively establish the “Why” behind each Key Expectation. This reinforces the meaning behind the expectation, getting the hearts and minds of those being held accountable involved.
  • Diagnosing expectations to ensure alignment: We help leaders and managers utilize a simple and meaningful dialogue to determine if those being held accountable are aligned with the “Why” behind the expectation.
  • Provide a troubleshooting framework: We provide our clients a tested process for determining where problems are or may arise when an expectation is in danger of failing to be delivered. This has helped our clients rebound quickly when problems arise, allowing for successful execution of expectations.
  • Improve employee morale: We help managers and employees follow an agreed upon system for carrying out expectations, making employees better prepared and accepting of the process while positively impacting morale.

A Better Way to Hold Others Accountable

Over half of the respondents from our Workplace Accountability Study of 40,000 professionals felt that the greatest concern people have of how others hold them accountable is because there is no consistency in the approach and manner they use to hold them accountable to carry out and deliver an expectation. This points to a need for a system—and our Accountability Sequence model is just the model that helps provide a positive, principled way of holding others accountable.

We see examples every day of companies that are profoundly affected because someone failed to properly hold someone else accountable for meeting specific expectations. Almost without fail, we can explain what happened by looking at the situation and applying our Others Track approach and the Accountability Sequence model.


of people feel that their greatest concern in others holding them accountable is there is no consistency in approach and delegation of the expectation.

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Partners In Leadership

Partners In Leadership