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Discover how to lead culture more effectively with time-tested ideas and best practices.

How do we get Focused Feedback happening more?

Nothing accelerates the movement to your desired culture faster than Focused Feedback®, a model that improves the quality of feedback by providing common language that sidesteps personal bias and resistance. It’s completely normal for feedback to take a while to become natural. Sometimes Culture Champions get frustrated when leaders aren’t using this culture management tool more frequently. What can you do to encourage consistent frequency and use?

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Best Practices in Culture Management

What’s the connection between strategy and culture?

Leaders know intuitively that culture matters, but the vast majority focus their efforts on strategy and rely on instinct when it comes to managing culture. Listen to Tanner Corbridge, Senior Partner, describe how to leverage both for optimal impact.

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What is the biggest barrier in managing culture?

Navigating conflict-free feedback is a core skill for culture leaders. Hear from Gail Ciccione, Vice President, North America Supply Chain, BD, on how to drive past the discomfort and tap into the ideas and insights from your team.

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