Culture Foundations

Create organizational alignment around your vision of growth.

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A strong culture is essential for any business. We partner with you to get clear on the results everyone in the organization must achieve; develop Cultural Beliefs® that guide how people “show up” everyday; and create organizational alignment around your vision.

Most organizations and teams have a culture that could be better. Let us help you establish a strong foundation.

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“Since introducing and institutionalizing our Cultural Beliefs, we have seen record-breaking financial and operational results quarter after quarter.”

Joanne McInnerney, VP Human Resources, Novelis

How We Help Clients

Optimize Your Culture

Rome wasn’t built in a day—and neither was your current culture. We work directly with you to diagnose, design, and deploy a tailored version of our proven process. We partner with you to clarify the results everyone in the organization must achieve, to develop Cultural Beliefs that guide how people “show up” everyday to achieve those results, and to create organizational alignment around the vision of the new culture.

Assessments and Interviews

We interview key executives and conduct our Culture Advantage Index™ assessment of your organization to evaluate your culture and determine appropriate next steps. We debrief findings with key leaders and tailor the culture work based on the gaps we uncover during this diagnose phase.

Key Results Planning

Do KPIs overload your strategy, leading to poor vertical alignment? How well do your employees understand the top three to four results you need to achieve? When managing culture, clarity is critical. We take executive teams through our systematic process to identify, define, and prioritize the top Key Results essential to your success.

Cultural Beliefs Planning

A major impediment to culture change are the beliefs rooted in your current culture. To break through this barrier, we work with executive leadership to establish strategic, meaningful Cultural Beliefs that bridge the gap between the current culture and the desired culture. The resulting belief set anchors the workforce and rallies employees toward achieving key results.


Base Decisions on Data

Measure and then move your culture to higher ground. Our tools benchmark, measure, and track cultures in motion. We help pinpoint the exact areas of strength and areas that need improvement.

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Build Leadership

Create and sustain change by developing your culture. We provide models, methods, and tools to equip your leaders with the ability to manage culture effectively and accelerate results. 

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