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Are You Intentional About Culture?

We all know that improved performance sits at the crossroads of intentionality and rigor. However, even the best leaders can struggle to deliver measured, meaningful, and memorable methods to achieve better performance. We get it that creating alignment, accountability, purpose, and engagement is hard work.

We want to help you get the improved results you need. We back our focus on results with a proven process and hard data—all brought to bear on what most would typically consider to be the softer side of organizational development.

How We Help Clients

Accelerate Results

Our focus is your results. We partner with clients to manage their culture—at the team or enterprise level—through a variety of models and means. We facilitate c-suite and boardroom conversations with the same level of passion that we deliver our high-impact curriculum and methodology in workshop and keynote settings. All this builds greater alignment and accountability that accelerates your advancement to operational excellence.

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Role of Leaders

Anytime you bring people together, you’re managing culture. We build culture management expertise at any level of leadership, from senior executives to front-line managers. Get intentional about how you define success, create experiences that reflect and reward desired behavior, and align your team around critical results.

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Team Development

Our experts work with leadership teams to provide unprecedented team development that leads to game-changing solutions. No matter the challenge, we focus on delivering practical and sustainable results. Drawing on deep industry and leadership experience, we infuse proven principles to accelerate culture change at any organizational level to advance a client’s business objectives.

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“This model of vision, focus, and accountability will propel your team and organization to the highest levels of performance.”

Bob Ritz, CEO, Mercy Health Network

Our Offerings

Cultural Foundations

An approach to deliver measured, meaningful, and memorable methods that create alignment, accountability, purpose, and engagement.

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Culture Advantage Index®

A reliable tool providing a snapshot of a culture’s strengths and areas of opportunity.

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Lead Your Culture

Become an expert at managing culture—whether you’re leading a small team or the entire enterprise.

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Culture Community

Meet like-minded culture champions from across the globe in our fast-growing community.

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