To deliver results, you need the hearts and minds of everyone in your organization

Our proven and award-winning Lead Culture program helps leaders like you shape organizational culture and accelerate change. The program leverages a proprietary blend of strategic hands-on consulting services and scalable training approaches. It works because it gets to the root of culture: the beliefs held throughout the organization and the experiences that cause those beliefs to take shape.

When should you apply Lead Culture?

  1. You want to accelerate culture change to yield traction around results
  2. Your company is not performing or your competition is heating up
  3. Technology is changing your world and you’re not adapting fast enough
  4. Senior teams do not exemplify the needed culture
  5. You have a high turnover

What’s involved to get started?

Assessments & Interviews

We interview key executives and conduct our Organizational Culture Assessment to evaluate your culture and determine appropriate next steps. We debrief findings with key leaders and outline the leadership required in the overall culture change process

Executive Planning

We take you through our systematic process to ensure that senior leaders identify, define, and prioritize the top Key Results essential to their organization’s success.

What leaders are saying about Lead Culture

This has been the most successful equity story we have been associated with. We had over a 7000% return on equity investment from when we started our work with Partners In Leadership to when we were successfully acquired, which is really a success story.

Dave Schlotterbeck, Former President & CEO, ALARIS Medical Systems

Never underestimate the impact of culture on performance. Since introducing and institutionalizing our Cultural Beliefs throughout Novelis, we have seen record-breaking financial and operational results quarter after quarter. There is no doubt that these two things are inextricably linked.

Joanne McInnerney, Ph.D. Vice President, Human Resources, Novelis

Award-Winning Results

After discovering department silos and misalignment around results, Redstone Federal Credit Union (RFCU) engaged Partners In Leadership to help them shape their culture for better results. Our client has since experienced breakthroughs in cross-collaboration and strategic alignment, surpassing its previous metrics and achieving maximum-tier goals.

  • Loan Growth: 960.63%
  • Employee Growth: 107.70%
  • Non-Interest Income Growth: 52.19%
  • Community Involvement Growth in Contributions: 1,567.84%
  • Total Member Giveback Growth: 1,218.92% (This number is in addition to Dividends paid on deposits and equates to 40+% of Net Income given back to RFCU members!)

This transformation earned RFCU the Platinum Award for Best Achievement in Organizational Operational Excellence at the 2018 Business Transformation and Operational Excellence Word Summit (BTOES) and the Ruby Award for Excellence in Accountability, Leadership, and Culture, the highest award presented at The Ozzies™ Awards 2017.