Virtual Engagements

Experience the insights, discovery, and interactivity of our in-person engagements, no matter how dispersed or remote your workforce.

Accountability Builder® Workshop

What if your team could move through uncertainty rather than become paralyzed by it? We teach a framework for increasing accountability that is especially relevant in times of crises. The Steps To Accountability® are rooted in a simple practice: making a personal choice to focus on what we control instead of being victimized by circumstances we have little agency over. Supported by elegant models and tools, our workshop engages people at every level of an organization in thinking and acting in new ways, shifting mindsets from “can’t do” to “What else can I do?”

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Leadership Builder® Workshop

How do you keep your employees engaged, increase buy-in, and manage expectations? How do you hold others accountable? This is challenging to do under normal circumstances, and much more so during times of uncertainty. Our Leadership Builder program provides proven models, methods, and tools to equip leaders with the ability to manage culture and navigate change.

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Lead Culture® Process

When it comes to organizational agility, navigating change, and achieving results, your strategy will only get you so far. Exceptional results are attained when your culture—the way people think and act—is aligned with strategy. Lead Culture® is a leader-led culture-shaping process that transforms the way people think and act—to take personal ownership of achieving organizational results.

The entire process can be conducted virtually, and begins with our online Culture Foundations workshop, where we prepare the executive team to lead the initiative by defining and aligning around Key Results, and identifying the culture shifts required to achieve them. Culture Alignment workshops enroll the next layers of leadership, and equip them with culture management tools to accelerate the transition. From among these leaders, a team of Culture Champions is trained to deliver the process to the entire organization.

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Coaching Calls

Coaching calls provide in-the-moment counsel for keeping your teams engaged in finding solutions; accountable and focused in the midst of change; and connected to the culture when they’re working remotely.

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When you’re ready to engage your team or organization in an interactive virtual experience to elevate accountability and propel your culture to new horizons, we’re here for you.

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