Inspire new ways of thinking, build stronger leaders, and elevate accountability across the organization.
All workshops available in a virtual format.

Elevate Accountability

Try disproving this: If you get accountability right, you get everything right. Once you’ve identified the cultural shifts needed to propel your team or organization, use our Accountability Builder® program to align teams and create accountability for those shifts. Supported by elegant models and tools (including an expanding digital tool suite), our workshop-based approach engages everyone in the organization in thinking and acting in new ways to achieve your key results.

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Build Leadership

Create and sustain change by developing in-house culture management expertise. Our Leadership Builder® program provides models, methods, and tools—including a growing digital tool suite—to equip your leaders with the ability to manage culture effectively and accelerate results. Leaders as Culture Champions better engage employees, increase buy-in, set and manage expectations, and shift mindsets from “can’t do” to “What else can I do?”

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Ways to Experience a Workshop

Live (Custom)

Bring us onsite to deploy the rich experience of our workshops—tailored to your organization’s or team’s learning objectives. This highly interactive learning environment supports the rapid delivery of culture management, leadership, and accountability into your organization.
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Virtual (Custom)

A great choice for organizations dealing with travel restrictions and practicing social distancing, this version enables a remote workforce to experience the same strategic alignment and heightened accountability that come from live workshops.
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Facilitate movement and growth in your organization. Become the expert through our certification program.

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Workshops That Work for You

Flexible Format

We offer half-day or full-day workshops led by seasoned facilitators who carefully tailor each curriculum to the unique and specific needs of the participants. Our highly interactive workshops leverage technologies that accelerate learning, application, and integration into the organizational culture.

Expert Facilitators

Our executive facilitators bring an average of 20 years of relevant industry experience to their engagements. Expert at successfully delivering the content in a way that accelerates client business objectives and strategic imperatives, executive facilitators follow the Partners In Leadership methodology developed and refined over the past two decades.

Become the Expert

Master our proprietary culture management process and methodology so you can sustain long-term results in your organization. The TTF Certification allows clients maximum flexibility in deploying our process by preparing internal people both to conduct workshops and to facilitate timely and targeted follow-up.