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Frustrated with Your Rounding Efforts? Try This Cultural Prescription

Is patient rounding actually hurting your HCAHPS scores? Using change management methodologies can help transform your culture to create excellent patient experiences time and time again. It’s happening in patient rooms every week across America. In response to lower-than-desired patient satisfaction scores, hospital executives are intensifying their emphasis on patient rounding. > Get The Insights Now

Before You Launch Another Checklist, Find Out Why Staff Might Not Use It

Your staff’s belief bias—or the tendency to validate one’s own worldview—can thwart even the best strategies. Before handing them a checklist or policy/procedure, consider what they really think about a new initiative or organizational change. For years we’ve met with hospital executives have been looking for new initiatives > Find Out What Other Hospital CEO’s know


How a Culture of Safety Lead’s To A “Zero Harm” Solution

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