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Patient satisfaction from the 35th to the 73rd percentile in 13 months

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Employee Engagement Increased employee satisfaction scores by 47 points in one year.
Patient Satisfaction Score 35th to upper 73rd percentile.
Safety and Quality Care60% reduction in Central Line Infections and Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections, 50% reduction in Hospital Acquired Clostridium Difficuile Cases, and a 42% reduction in Falls.

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We work along side our healthcare partners to improve patient satisfaction and enable employee engagement. > See How

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Frustrated with Your Rounding Efforts? Try This Cultural Prescription

Is patient rounding actually hurting your HCAHPS scores? Using change management methodologies can help transform your culture to create excellent patient experiences time and time again. It’s happening in patient rooms every week across America. In response to lower-than-desired patient satisfaction scores, hospital executives are intensifying their emphasis on patient rounding. > Get The Insights Now

Before You Launch Another Checklist, Find Out Why Staff Might Not Use It

Your staff’s belief bias—or the tendency to validate one’s own worldview—can thwart even the best strategies. Before handing them a checklist or policy/procedure, consider what they really think about a new initiative or organizational change. For years we’ve met with hospital executives have been looking for new initiatives > Find Out What Other Hospital CEO’s know

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How The New Patient Experience Transformed OSF Healthcare

A Patient-Centric Culture That Gives You an Edge

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Our results-based approach is embedded in everything we do, including our expanding leadership bookshelf. This focus on helping leaders and organizations achieve their desired Key Results distinguishes us from all other competitors in the field.

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