3 Brilliant Things Propeller Does That Microsoft Office Doesn’t

Article | Accountability Insights

by | Apr 16, 2019

How Propeller, our new digital solution for teams, can position your organization to achieve greater success in three crucial areas.


As organizations face heightened pressure to deliver solutions at speed, achieve a high rate of organizational growth, and adapt to widespread marketplace change, they have relied upon a variety of tech solutions that aid in the achievement of these goals.

While Microsoft Office remains in widespread use, a number of new platforms like Slack (a workplace messaging app) and Glip (a text, voice, and video conferencing software) — hailed for their ability to connect team members in real time and streamline operations in the office — have gained significant market share.

Platforms like Microsoft Office and Slack are centered around individual interactions that don’t necessarily allow members of an organization to contextualize the critical role they play in achieving the company’s topline priorities. Further, while these platforms can improve task-oriented communications, they do not provide an ideal forum for the exchange of meaningful feedback between colleagues or group problem-solving.

Propeller, our new results-driven digital solution for teams of any size, stands apart in three key ways from other tools on the market designed to optimize project management and communication: it creates alignment around shared organizational goals, facilitates effective feedback exchange between colleagues, and allows leaders to crowdsource innovative solutions to any problem facing the organization.

1. Creates Alignment Around Shared Organizational Goals

Most modern project management and workplace communication tools feature real-time one-on-one messaging or video chatting. While these tools are instrumental in ensuring granular tasks are completed on time and that team members check in with one another, they fail to create a greater sense of team cohesion and alignment around common goals.

Our landmark Workplace Accountability Study revealed that a staggering 85% of employees aren’t sure what their organizations are trying to accomplish. If employees do not have a clear understanding of organizational priorities, they cannot be held accountable for delivering on those desired results.

As such, it is every leader’s responsibility to articulate organizational and team-specific Key Results — the three to five meaningful, measurable topline priorities that define success. Only when employees clearly understand and agree upon these desired results can organizations achieve meaningful progress.

When users enter the Key Results module, they see their team’s specific Key Results, stated concisely alongside progress indicators specifying whether a given result is “On Track,” “At Risk,” or “Off Track.”

The module also includes a My Impact tab in which employees can write a personal statement summarizing the ways in which their daily work impacts desired results. In other sections, users can post or search through questions and comments about Key Results and select their level of psychological ownership for each Key Result.

In short, the module provides a macroscopic view into the organizational goals toward which every employee should be working. As the only commercially available workplace platform that centers all employee interactions and project management efforts around larger team goals, Propeller promotes high levels of employee engagement and a sense of accountability for achieving Key Results.

2. Facilitates Effective Feedback Exchanges in the Workplace

Offering employee feedback has traditionally been done within the context of one-on-one or group meetings. With the advent of digital tools like Microsoft Office and Slack, feedback can now be exchanged in writing via online messaging.

However, neither email nor direct messaging provides the appropriate forum for exchanging professional feedback, rendering these critical conversations informal, disorganized, and too easily lost in a slew of other messages. Propeller’s Feedback module offers a viable alternative, creating a space designated for the exchange of positive, principled feedback.

In the module’s Endorse tab, users can recognize colleagues for specific skills and outstanding accomplishments. In the Exchange tab, employees can start a direct conversation with anyone in the organization by choosing to either seek or offer feedback. Every user has access to his or her own chronological archive of exchanges under the My Feedback tab. Finally, the Feedback module includes an anonymous digital suggestion box in which any employee can make direct recommendations to the leadership team.

By providing every employee with a clear, organized platform for giving and receiving feedback, Propeller empowers every team member to integrate this feedback into their daily work. This drives higher performance while at the same time breaking down silos between team members and departments, enabling employees to reach out directly to colleagues at any level of the organization. With this greater sense of egalitarianism, employees feel confident in their ability to give, receive, and proactively implement feedback to reach desired results.

3. Allows Leaders to Crowdsource Innovative Solutions

Most commercial project marketing and communication tools are not designed to facilitate team problem-solving: neither Slack, Glip, Microsoft Office, nor Google Suite provides tools to help users troubleshoot problems at work. Happily, the Solve It module of Propeller enables employees from every level of an organization to source solutions to the problems they’re grappling with at work, from client management to operational efficiency.

Within the Solve It module, users can post a problem, for which others can anonymously suggest solutions. Based on employees’ “upvotes” and “downvotes,” the solution with the highest ranking will appear at the top of the poster’s interface. The poster can then elect the best possible solution and “close” the problem. In turn, the employee who offered the winning solution receives points of recognition, and top problem-solvers appear on a leaderboard on the module’s homepage.

With a gamified user interface, Propeller’s Solve It module establishes an egalitarian playing field that encourages all employees to develop solutions together. This merit-based, interactive approach to creative problem-solving inspires deeper employee engagement across every level of your organization.

The Only Results-Driven Workplace Solution

While other digital workplace tools prioritize gifs and direct messages, Propeller rises above the minutiae to create a high level of team alignment around Key Results. At the same time, Propeller offers an organized forum for the exchange of principled, positive feedback, encouraging every employee to take accountability for delivering on results. Finally, unlike Microsoft Office, Slack, Google Hangouts, or any other communication or project management software, Propeller enables and incentivizes creative, collaborative problem-solving, positioning organizations to thrive.

Learn more about how Propeller can help you create team cohesion, engage in open feedback exchange, solve tough problems, and maximize results.