Achieve Greater Team Focus Around Topline Goals with Propeller

Article | Accountability Insights

by | Apr 1, 2019

Propeller, our new digital tool for teams, beats out other collaboration and project management tools when it comes to creating greater alignment around topline priorities.


Over the past decade, the rise of digital project management tools has transformed workplace interactions and operations. Tools like Slack and Glip — workplace instant messaging apps — have become increasingly popular, especially among millennial employees with an affinity for real-time chatting and near-instant creative problem-solving.

While practically useful, these tools can only go so far. None are designed to create the large-scale vision and purpose that teams need to reach topline results.

To achieve sustainable success and measurable growth in fast-paced markets, teams don’t need emojis or cluttered group channels; they need a tool that provides a high degree of focus around shared topline goals that empower every employee to take ownership for solving critical problems.

Designed for integration with teams of any size, Propeller, our new solutions-driven digital tool for teams, prioritizes alignment around top organizational goals. By centering the employee experience around a set of clear, quantifiable results, Propeller creates the focus, visibility, and motivation to mobilize effective problem-solving across your organization and deliver effective solutions at speed.

The Importance of Creating Focus Around Desired Business Results

Our Workplace Accountability Study, which surveyed over 40,000 participants, revealed that a mere 15% of organizations clearly define their Key Results — the three to five meaningful, measurable, and memorable topline organizational results that define organizational success.

If employees don’t know what goals they are meant to be working toward, how can they be expected to feel a sense of accountability for achieving those results? Propeller creates clarity and focus around Key Results in a way that other digital platforms cannot.

Upon opening the Key Results module of Propeller, users will find a concise summary of their team’s Key Results and the status of progress towards each (“On Track,” “At Risk,” or “Off Track”) alongside a video message from the team leader that may serve to recognize good work, encourage progress, or provide important updates. This visible reminder of “big picture” goals brings purpose to every employee’s daily work while fostering cohesion around a collective mission.

Within other tabs of the Key Results module, employees can access detailed progress updates on each Key Result; post, sort, and “like” questions and comments about Key Results; document the ways in which their personal duties directly impact the achievement of business results; and record their level of psychological ownership of results.

While other workplace communication platforms enable messaging in real time, Propeller is the only tool on the market that provides every employee with direct visibility into topline organizational priorities and empowers them to center everything they do at work around these shared priorities, establishing focus that contributes to organizational success.

When employees have a precise understanding of team and organization-wide Key Results, they feel deeply connected to their work. This sense of purpose creates drive and commitment that, when adopted by all employees, builds a culture of accountability in the workplace. Within a culture of accountability, every member of the organization recognizes the critical performance gaps hindering Key Results, takes personal ownership for closing those gaps, practices collaborative, creative-problem solving, and sees effective solutions through to implementation.

A Smarter, Results-Focused Tool for Improved Business Performance

Only with visibility into high-level progress, clarity around desired outcomes, and commitment to achieving Key Results can organizations achieve lasting success. Propeller stands apart from other project management tools in that its interface is designed around Key Results, creating alignment and empowering employees to take ownership for organizational results every day. Ultimately, this focus translates into better performance, greater efficiency, and organizational success.

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