Accountability, Culture, Results and Purpose

Our results-based approach is embedded in everything we do, including our expanding leadership bookshelf. This focus on helping leaders and organizations achieve their desired Key Results distinguishes us from all other competitors in the field.


Accelerating Change by Getting Accountability Right

Experience the impact of implementing the groundbreaking classic The Oz Principle. Learn More >

Our Line of Leadership Books

Each of our books emphasizes our core concept of accountability, from helping people embrace their own accountability for achieving organizational results and holding others accountable to creating a Culture of Accountability to sustain that focus over time. Each helps readers accelerate transformational change to achieve the results you need now and is available from online and offline booksellers everywhere in print, digital, and audio format.

Results Revolution

Achieving what matters most for your team, your company, your life.

Prepare to revolutionize how you lead people and deliver results. Results Revolution dramatically intensifies focus, expands energy, and speeds solutions. Overcome distractions and achieve what matters most for yourself, your team, and your organization. Learn More >

Fix It: Getting Accountability Right

Fix It: Getting Accountability Right

Packed with practicality, executive insights, and a unique approach for troubleshooting individual, team, and organizational issues, Fix It: Getting Accountability Right is a fresh, intuitive journey into accountability, delivering a first-of-a-kind, customized approach to enhancing your daily work. Learn More >

The Oz Principle

Getting Results Through Individual and Organizational Accountability

The Oz Principle is a New York Times bestseller, with groundbreaking work that demonstrated the vital role of accountability in the achievement of business results and the improvement of both individual and organizational performance. With more than a half-million copies sold, The Oz Principle has emerged as one of the most influential and useful business ideas of recent times. Learn More >

Change the Culture, Change the Game

The Breakthrough Strategy for Energizing Your Organization and Creating Accountability for Results

Mastering the ability to accelerate culture change is an essential core competency for every leader who wants to keep his or her organization competitive and focused. The New York Times bestselling book Change the Culture, Change the Game offers the definitive guide for developing this leadership competency and is based upon a methodology that is used by some of the most successful and admired companies in the world. Learn More >

How Did That Happen?

Holding People Accountable for Results the Positive, Principled Way

Over the past two decades, Partners In Leadership has worked with clients’ intent on meeting the high expectations of their marketplace, shareholders, customers, and all the other stakeholders. As they have helped companies of all types and sizes cash in on the organizational currency of accountability, they have become convinced that there are two very distinct sides to the accountability coin: one side of the coin is taking accountability yourself, and the flipside is holding other people accountable. In this New York Times bestseller, How Did That Happen? the authors examine the other side of the accountability coin: holding people accountable for results in a way that conquers all the damaging behaviors that permeate so many organizations today. Learn More >

The Wisdom of Oz

Using Personal Accountability To Succeed In Everything You Do

Since 1994, New York Times bestseller, The Oz Principle, has been the bible of business accountability, helping countless companies build dynamic, creative workplaces. Now Roger Connors and Tom Smith show readers how to use accountability to strengthen their personal relationships, inspire and motivate their children, increase their value on the job, improve their health and financial well-being, and attain every other major goal.