About Fix It

Packed with practicality, Fix It: Getting Accountability Right is a fresh, intuitive journey into accountability, delivering a first-of-a-kind, customized approach to enhancing your daily work, including:

  • A deep review of 16 Accountability Traits, the time-tested, proven best practices that are the bedrock of the most successful individuals, teams, and companies today.
  • Dozens of practical and proven executive practices shared exclusively with us by over 100 successful leaders on how they get accountability right. Do what they do and you’ll get what they get…desired results.
  • 100s of data-driven insights from our landmark Workplace Accountability Study, a multi-year survey by Partners In Leadership showcasing the accountability practices of over 40,000 individuals across thousands of organizations throughout the world.
  • Over 100 years of combined real-world experience from the global experts on workplace accountability, Roger Connors and Tom Smith, and expert field practitioners Craig Hickman, Tracy Skousen, and Marcus Nicolls.

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Built on Time-Tested Best Practices

tab_fixit_book_image__howitworksAn innovative design lets you pick your reading path! Either for yourself, team, or organization. You determine where you need to fix it and how to get there. Because your read is customized, you don’t have to read cover-to-cover, though you will undoubtedly find solutions to everyday problems if you do.  Built on the bedrock of our 16 Accountability Traits, these time tested, proven best practices are found in the most successful individuals, teams, and companies today. Whatever your need—from accountability and ownership, to engagement and leadership—reading this book will help you get better traction, improved results, and truly fix it!


Any Problem, Any Organization

Fix It is sure to become an indispensable leadership and management resource to resolve any problem or issue in any organization. Intuitively organized around our 16 Accountability Traits, this book helps readers troubleshoot, understand, and then resolve the issues preventing them from achieving the results they want most. The 16 traits are: tab_fixit_book_image_pittingittowork_2

Experienced Author Team

Roger Connors and Tom Smith are cofounders of Partners In Leadership. They are four-time New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling authors. Together, they have co-authored the most extensive body of knowledge on workplace accountability ever written, and are recognized as the worldwide experts on the topic. For nearly three decades, Roger and Tom have partnered with senior management teams all over the world and have successfully facilitated large-scale cultural transformations resulting in billions of dollars in improved profitability and shareholder value using the award-winning Partners In Leadership curriculum they designed. Joining the team is 30-year veteran writer and practitioner Craig Hickman, a co-author of The Oz Principle and a Partner at PIL. Also contributing are Marcus Nicolls and Tracy Skousen, both Senior Partners at Partners In Leadership and distinguished strategists, leaders, executive coaches, and consultants with some of the world’s largest organizations.


Fix It® Program & Workshops

In our book, Fix It: Getting Accountability Right, we deeply explore our core 16 Accountability Traits and demonstrate how leaders are using it for their own development, to enhance their team, and how to improve their organization.

With our Fix It program, we consult directly with senior leaders to evaluate their organization’s effectiveness of the 16 Accountability Traits by conducting a Fix It inventory, which grades their workforce’s competencies of the 16 Accountability Traits. This allows us to help identify the key areas for improvement to focus efforts on in order to close gaps associated with the Traits. We then roll out Fix It training workshops that execute practices and draw on solutions to help close these gaps and make improvements in these areas, resulting in more accountable teams and company cultures.