Closing Accountability Gaps

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by | Sep 10, 2015

Four easy steps can make all the difference in relieving any setbacks from affecting an organization's Key Results.

Accountability Gaps are performance setbacks that directly affect an organization’s ability to achieve their Key Results. They are the difference between what is actually occurring and what you want to occur. We call them Accountability Gaps to emphasize the need to take accountability to close the gap before achievement of a Key Result is jeopardized. Whenever you identify an Accountability Gap, STOP. That’s right, STOP and apply the Steps To Accountability—See It, Own It, Solve It, Do It—to begin closing the gap. Consider the following example.

A large fast food chain recently identified an Accountability Gap relative to results in one of its geographical regions. Leaders of the region STOPPED and applied the Steps To Accountability to See It, Own It, Solve It, and Do It—we refer to this as an application of the SOSD Accountability Tool. New staffing configurations, briefing huddles prior to peak demand periods, and a compelling mantra to “Own the Gap” were quickly implemented to close the gap. Within weeks, the region’s results were on the rise. Within months, the gap had been closed. This sort of focus on Accountability Gaps, quickly and effectively applied, can work wonders in an organization. All you need to do is STOP and follow four easy steps: (1) Identify the Accountability Gap, (2) Apply the Steps To Accountability, (3) Make your Accountability Plan, and (4) Report your plan.

To learn more about closing Accountability Gaps on your team or in your organization by applying the Steps To Accountability, we invite you to join our Accountability Community at, where you can review the stories and case studies of actual people and organizations.

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