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Is patient rounding actually hurting your HCAHPS scores?

Article | Hospital Insights

It’s happening in patient rooms every week across America. In response to lower-than-desired patient satisfaction scores, hospital executives are intensifying their emphasis on patient rounding. During the leader rounding experience, patient after patient will tell nurse leaders they absolutely love their nurse. The patient typically says their experience in the hospital has been positive and yet when the latest patient satisfaction scores are emailed out there’s yet another letdown. The response to this disappointment is administrators demanding even more rounding, because evidence shows rounding works. Right? We have more and more hospital executives telling us this: “We just don’t get it! We’ve focused so much on improving HCAHPS through our rounding efforts yet nothing seems to really make a lasting difference. We’ve upped the technology ante with new rounding tools, we’ve doubled down on administration support, and we’ve trained and re-trained every nurse on the new protocols. Our support services are even rounding on a consistent basis and we still seem to be unable to sustain the improvements.”

Could Rounding Actually be Hurting Your Scores?

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