Leadership Development That Makes A Difference

Article | Accountability Insights

by | Dec 7, 2011

One of our recent studies revealed that only 13% of executives surveyed felt they held other people accountable for results in an effective, successful way. 86% admitted that their ineffectiveness often leads to a failure to achieve desired results. There is a leadership crisis in organizations today relative to holding others accountable. Developing leadership competency in managing issues of accountability, culture change, execution and organizational improvement has become a top priority. Consider the following example.

A leading architectural and engineering firm asked for our help in training its leaders to cultivate greater accountability in the organization for achieving three key objectives: employee engagement, client satisfaction, and profitability. We used the Steps To Accountability and The Results Pyramid models to help their leaders learn how to change the way people think and act by changing their experiences. Here’s how one leader described the impact of our leadership training: “We now have a much greater awareness of the experiences we are creating and how those experiences shape beliefs, drive actions, and produce results. The models are thought-provoking tools in our day-to-day work and help to keep us on track.” The results: substantial improvements in employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and profitability within the first year. Now the firm is working on perfecting their ability to hold others accountable in a positive, principled way going forward.

Partners In Leadership’s Leadership Development training helps leaders identify how they can both improve their leadership skills and their leadership style to achieve their desired results. Working with the models, principles, and practices of positive accountability, leaders learn how to better facilitate a sense of ownership and buy-in in their teams and throughout the organization. To learn more about leadership development that builds greater accountability for achieving results, we invite you to join the Accountability Community at www.partnersinleadership.com, where you can review actual client case studies.

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