The Power of The Results Pyramid

Discover how a simple model used worldwide to improve business results can also empower individuals to achieve and sustain personal success.

Kathy Neyman, Sr. AVP, Corporate Culture and Leadership Development
Redstone Federal Credit Union


Ask any architect, and they are likely to agree that pyramids are stunning feats of human ingenuity and creativity. The Great Pyramid of Giza is among the most widely researched structures in the world. Ancient Egyptians believed that pyramids resonate with power and that its very shape could produce miraculous results. Contemporary beliefs about “pyramid power” claim that they can preserve food, polish tarnished metals, and cure ailments by creating a field of harmonic vibrations.

While skepticism of the mystical power of pyramids is warranted, there is one pyramid that has proven time after time that it generates real power—The Results Pyramid®. The model is a simple, yet effective means for understanding the connection between the way we think and act and the results we achieve.

Leveraging The Results Pyramid for Personal Success

The Results Pyramid can serve as an equally effective model for business or personal success. The results that you achieve are determined by the actions you take. Actions derive from the beliefs you hold about what you should do and how you should do it, and such beliefs are formed through your unique experiences. Simply stated, experiences foster beliefs, beliefs guide actions, and actions produce results. Changing the beliefs you hold is key to changing the results you produce.

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