How to Enroll Everyone in Accelerating Transformation

As hospitals rise up to face the tremendous challenges wrought by COVID-19, their limited resources and overworked staff are now compounded by another brutal reality—historic financial pressures on their operations.

The pandemic has caused unprecedented job losses, leaving more patients uninsured and unable to pay for their care. In addition, canceled elective procedures, fear, and sheltering in place directives have greatly reduced revenues for providers. It is truly a perfect storm for an industry that was already trying to keep its head above rapidly rising healthcare costs.

How do hospital leaders navigate these challenges and streamline operations, while supporting already stretched staff to pivot quickly and still provide quality care? Look to the approach our clients have used for over three decades to elevate above operational and financial crises:

1. Clearly define short-term results

2. Communicate a compelling case for change

3. Align around needed strategic and cultural adjustments

Join us for a 45-minute live online webinar focused on the current crisis and disruption in hospitals and healthcare. We will discuss how to align local leaders to system thinking, make critical decisions efficiently, and act on them quickly.

While you wait, download the ebook “How to Enroll Everyone in Accelerating Transformation.”


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Sep 29 2020


Pacific Time
10:00 AM - 10:45 AM


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