TEMECULA, Calif., March 5, 2019 (Newswire.com) – Partners In Leadership LLC, the firm which guides clients in defining Key Results™, shaping Cultural Beliefs® and solving Accountability Gaps, launches Propeller, the strategic leadership and team app that keeps individuals, teams and organizations focused, aligned and moving together to solve critical topline objectives.

“Keeping everyone aligned and focused on the same key results is a daily struggle for most teams and organizations. Even the brightest, most gifted people can get off track easily,” says Craig Hickman, author, futurist and SVP product development at Partners In Leadership. “Most people consider themselves to be accountable people. However, are they crystal clear about what they’re supposed to be accountable for?”

Partners’ new Propeller app enables team leaders to obtain results for their overall organization as well as individual teams. According to Hickman, it is the simplest solution for teams, ranging from community volunteers to small family businesses or large corporations.

“You may say you’re already overloaded with apps and don’t need another one, but that’s exactly why you need this. It simplifies your complex team situations and gives you tangible, in-the-moment solutions, as well as feedback.”

In addition to being one of the most strategic apps that teams will ever use, Propeller is also one of the easiest. There is no special training needed, so teams can begin using it immediately.

“It will be the app you always open first each morning to start your day and again on Sunday evening when you’re preparing to start the next week,” says Hickman. “Propeller cuts through the nonsense and gets to the heart of what matters most for your team. If they get off track, you’ll know immediately if your key results are in jeopardy.”

Propeller enables leaders, and those on a leadership track, to address their teams using real-time feedback and video uploads, offer praise recognition for those who deserve it and more. Propeller keeps everyone focused on the team’s core purpose while giving them the agility and ability to make quick changes, as needed. Every day, the app will help make it abundantly clear whether a team is progressing in the right direction.

Propeller is economically priced at only $15/month or $150/year per user. There is also an introductory three-for-free offer: Any team leader can download Propeller, add two team members for free and start using Propeller at no charge. Propeller can be used on any device, including a desktop computer and/or smartphone.

To view more and test flight up to three users for FREE, go to https://hubs.ly/H0gSQJ30.

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