The Power of Positive Accountability

Article | Accountability Insights

by | Mar 19, 2019

Your company’s culture problems can be solved in three simple steps: follow through, get real, and speak up. By embracing positive accountability, you can propel your company forward.


Most organizations have the wrong idea about what accountability truly stands for: over 80% of today’s workforce associates accountability with punishment or negative feedback. In reality, accountability should be the hallmark of a successful business, uniting employees and employers around a common, clear vision and elevating them through a sense of partnership.

True business leaders achieve success by creating a “positive culture of accountability,” shifting the connotations around the term from blame-bearing to success-sharing. This culture is woven into an organization’s everyday operations, changing the way in which strategic planning, Key Results, and day-to-day communications and engagement are approached. When properly executed, accountability has the potential to reduce turnover, increase productivity, and completely redefine a company’s culture.

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