Leadership Builder®

Close performance gaps by improving team accountability with the Leadership Builder® workshop, available in live and virtual settings.

Are you seeing performance gaps?

If your organization is failing to reach its potential, you likely have an accountability challenge. Fortunately, you can close gaps between ideal and real performance, but your leaders have to be part of the solution. They need to know the best practices for encouraging personal accountability while remaining positive and principled.

Our Leadership Builder® workshop is designed to inform and inspire your leaders elevate accountability on their teams.

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Leadership and Accountability

Closing performance gaps is possible when you create a culture of accountability, and maintaining such a productive change is in the hands of leaders at all levels. Therefore, leadership development is an element of overall improvement that you cannot afford to overlook. The Leadership Builder® workshop helps leaders hold others accountable with the Accountability Sequence model of Inner and Outer Rings of employee behavior. Through this model, leaders at all levels troubleshoot accountability gaps by non-judgmentally identifying why lapses occurred and guiding employees to productivity.

What will leaders learn in the sessions?

Leaders are introduced to concepts from How Did That Happen?, including the Expectations Chain® and Accountability Sequence® models.

What’s the impact of these lessons?

Participants who complete Leadership Builder workshops learn to use new tools to keep their teams on track for high-performing results, boosting organizational performance and the bottom line.

What do participants in the courses receive?

Leaders who enter these courses receive a copy of How Did That Happen?, as well as a Leadership Builder workbook and pocket card training guide for easy reference.

What is accountability in a business setting?

The process of building accountability in a workplace starts with encouraging workers to become invested in the success of essential initiatives and pursuit of business goals.

Effective leaders can create this feeling within their teams, instilling ownership and engagement as employees pursue important objectives.

What leaders are saying about Leadership Builder

The Partners In Leadership process is the foundation upon which ownership down through our division is built. We are planning, executing, and meeting adversity at least twice as effectively. The Partners In Leadership process is forcing a healthy reflection among the company leadership about the experiences that we create for our people. PIL is the most exciting leadership process that I have utilized.

R. Fredrick McCoy Jr., CFO, Celltech Pharmaceuticals

It’s harder than it looks: many leaders struggle to hold people accountable. Being individually accountable is not sufficient if you want to lead organizations; you must find a way to hold others accountable while engaging their hearts and minds to deliver real results. Partners In Leadership delivers specific and practical advice to do just that.

Ginger Graham, Former CEO, Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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