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What to expect at a LIVE event

Thousands of participants have gained the understanding and tools necessary for creating greater accountability in their organizations. And now you can, too. Attend an upcoming live event and begin familiarizing yourself with the high-impact and easy-to-implement accountability models developed by the experts on workplace accountability.

  • Learn the Steps To Accountability®
  • Tips on how to avoid the Blame Game
  • Hear success stories from our Fortune 500 clients

It’s the place to begin, the cornerstone of great leadership, healthy cultures, intelligent strategies, and whole-hearted execution.

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Our Live Events

Accountability Builder

(formerly known as Self Track®)

Redefine Accountability. Create Ownership. Drive Engagement.

Our Accountability Builder program instills positive accountability across all levels of your workforce sparking motivation, ownership, and innovation. This core offering is an insightful and intuitive model that facilitates an individual’s, team’s, or organization’s ability to demonstrate the power of accountability in their daily work.

Focus: Building a process of accountability in the workforce

Benefit: People taking personal accountability to close Gaps affecting Key Results and inspiring ownership and innovation


Leadership Builder

(formerly known as the Others Track®)

Shape Culture. Accelerate Change. Create a Culture of Accountability®

The Leadership Builder program provides leaders and managers with a way to manage expectations with those they work with using a methodology that ensures mutual accountability for delivering those expectations. Our intuitive model strengthens existing leaders’ ability to hold others accountable and to effectively manage and execute expectations.

Focus: Providing leaders a process that ensures mutual accountability

Benefit: Learning to lead and holding others accountable to fulfill Key Expectations (where not delivering is not an option)


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