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Whether you’re planning an executive retreat or needing a dynamic keynote speaker for your annual conference, our Speakers Bureau can provide you with the right presenter. Our team of New York Times bestselling authors, researchers, and workplace accountability and culture experts will help make your next event extraordinary.

Engaging Topics

Greater accountability can bring success to enterprise-wide strategic efforts more dramatically than any other factor. Partners In Leadership has made this all-important but often misunderstood and misapplied topic positive, fun, engaging, and applicable. Accountability is a powerful concept that is well documented as the significant factor in remarkable performance improvement with numerous examples and case studies.

We work with each unique client to customize speaking engagements, keynote addresses, and break-out meetings to fulfill an organization’s specific conference and meeting objectives. Given our decades-long history delivering highly interactive and persuasive presentations, speakers can make sure the program reflects an organization’s specific industry, unique needs, and key strategic objectives.

Watch Our Presenters in Action

Tanner Workshop

Tanner Corbridge presenting in Atlanta.

Marcus Workshop

Marcus Nicolls presenting in Atlanta.

Meet Our Elite Team of Presenters

Our speakers are the worldwide experts on the topic of workplace accountability and bring an average of 20 years of intensive industry experience to their engagements. Each is an expert at delivering the Accountability Training content in a way that facilitates client business objectives and strategic imperatives. With advanced training in the eye-opening and highly motivational Partners In Leadership methodology, these men and women enjoy over two decades of experience working with hundreds of companies and hundreds of thousands of participants.

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“We have begun our journey towards a culture of accountability and your approach has been the key to achieving success more quickly than would have otherwise been possible.”

Gary Millerchip

CEO, Kroger Personal Finance

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