New Research Finds 85 Percent of Employees Confused on Organizational Goals

San Diego, CA – March 1, 2015 – In a recent article published today in Training magazine, bestselling authors, Roger Connors and Tom Smith, discussed employee engagement and a study recently conducted by their company, Partners In Leadership.

“Who isn’t rushing to the idea that just one more perk or break-room game table would boost employee engagement these days?” said Connors and Smith in the article. “Rather than wait for your people to grow tired of Casual Fridays, foosball tables, or bring-in-your-pet days, we’ve outlined a simpler, less expensive, and ultimately higher impact approach to employee engagement.”

The authors describe in detail a time-tested approach, developed across over two decades and producing high-impact results for thousands of organizations. Outlining key findings from the company’s Workplace Accountability Study, Connors and Smith describe how when employees are confused about the goals of their organization, employee engagement decreases. “Our study showed that 85% of employees are not even sure what their organizations are trying to achieve. How can you have engaged employees if they don’t even know what their company is trying to achieve?” Connors asked.

The article also analyzed recent Gallup poll findings which indicated that only 32% of the nation’s workforce are actively engaged, leaving nearly two-thirds either not engaged or actively disengaged.

The authors explained three steps to help improve employee engagement:

  1. Leaders must clearly describe 3 to 5 key results across the entire company that everyone understands and can get behind.
  2. Leaders and managers must help their employees connect the dots between their job descriptions and the organization’s key results.
  3. Leaders and managers must ask their employees to take ownership for the key results.

To illustrate these steps, the authors shared a client case study featuring Brinker International, the parent company of fast-casual dining chain, Chili’s and how they used these steps to not only increase employee engagement but also significantly increase their stock value and shareholder return along the way.

“When Brinker reduced their key results from 40 to four,” said Connors and Smith, “they achieved industry-leading employee engagement scores and a nearly 10x increase in share value as of February 2014.”

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