Global Consulting Firm’s work with Richland Community College is recognized with a national award for Excellence in Academic Partnerships

Partners In Leadership, LLC, the firm that guides clients in defining Key Results™, shaping Cultural Beliefs®, and solving Accountability Gaps, and that is now introducing cutting-edge digital, learning, and leadership tools, proudly announces they received the Gold Award in the Excellence in Academic Partnerships category in Chief Learning Officer magazine’s CLO 2019 Learning In Practice Awards.

The Learning In Practice Awards’ Excellence in Academic Partnerships category recognizes accredited academic learning institutions that have partnered with an organization in the past year to develop skills, competency or knowledge in a general employee population. The work and results that have emerged from the consulting firm’s partnership with Richland Community College is what won this national recognition.

“Shortly after my arrival at Richland, we began to work with Partners In Leadership to create the culture we desired as a campus community,” said Dr. Cristobal Valdez, President of Richland Community College. “This award is just one recognition of this essential work. On a daily basis, we see the positive effects of working on institutional culture. It is what has improved employee satisfaction, student success, retention and completion and has made Richland a strong community partner and attracts exceptional employees to continue the effort.”

Dr. Valdez saw the challenges that were hindering the institution’s capability of operating to full potential, including economic instability, declining student retention and enrollment, and low levels of trust and communication. Richland started its work with Partners In Leadership in 2017, utilizing the Accountability Builder® program’s workshops and assessments to break down silos and achieve the institution’s three Key Results within three years.

In less than two years, Richland has already met their Key Results:

  • Trust – focusing on an increase in perception of a positive campus culture – from 46% to 76% or an increase of 65%
  • Grow – enrollment grow of nearly 15% this fall and over 20% this past summer, the highest institutional enrollment since 2016. Contributing to this enrollment growth was a 57% increase in next term student retention and 370% increase in Fall to Fall student retention
  • Thrive – 25% reserve and a 2% positive operating margin, the strongest financial position the College has been in for 7 years

“We are thrilled for Dr. Valdez and Richland Community College,” said Mattson Newell, Senior Partner at Partners In Leadership. “In a day and age where the importance of organizational culture is constantly discussed, but doesn’t always translate to actions, Dr. Valdez and his leadership team have led by example and helped the entire organization champion Partners In Leadership’s process to create a Culture of Accountability to deliver their results. We are honored to continue our partnership with them and are excited to see their continued success.”

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