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Our mission is your mission.

We help clients get intentional about their culture, elevate accountability, and deliver breakthrough results. We call this culture advantage. 

Our Story

Since 1989, Partners In Leadership has equipped clients with a proven culture management framework to improve and sustain organizational performance. Tom Smith and Roger Connors, authors of the national bestselling book The Oz Principle, founded the firm on the foundation that they would help leaders create their culture advantage. Over 30 years later, Partners In Leadership is continuing that legacy. Our worldwide team of experts and systematic approach, tools, and processes combine to measure, move, and sustain best-in-class workplaces that regularly experience 25%+ improved engagement, execution, adaptability, and growth. The company has received numerous awards recognizing its breakthrough approach, including Gold in CLO Learning in Practice Awards 2019; Leadership Companies Watchlist 2019; and Top Workplaces 2018. Our clients have included 200+ companies of the Fortune 500, 250+ companies of the Global 1000, and SMB.

Decades of Expertise

As a culture management firm, we work with leaders looking to improve performance. Most organizations struggle with getting results. This stems from unproductive behaviors that can show up in many forms, such as: missed goals, fractured performance, ill-defined accountability, passive aggression, unhappy customers, lost focus, misalignment, workplace dissatisfaction, and turnover. We know that culture produces results and that most organizations have a culture that could be better.

We provide the framework, tools, and expertise that enables leaders to design and manage culture—the way people think and act in an organization. Our proven, elegant process aligns and inspires people to take ownership for achieving sustainable improved results.

Our Mission

As experts in culture management and guiding cultural transformations, our mission is to help our clients achieve their mission. Our simple, five-word mission statement— “Our Mission Is Your Mission”—conveys how we partner with our clients. Today, tomorrow, and years from now, we help you achieve the results you want and, ultimately, deliver on your own organizational mission.

For over three decades, Partners In Leadership has delivered a proven, award-winning, impactful, and sustainable approach to creating a Culture of Accountability in organizations of any size. Accountability is pervasive in our culture management process, our own company culture, our language, and more. It’s more than a means to an end. It defines us.

Organizations can pull two mutually enhancing levers to produce results: strategy (what they work on) and culture (how they work). Just as the right strategy aims to deliver a client’s mission, a Culture of Accountability produces the engagement, commitment, ownership, innovation, satisfaction, and ultimately the results the mission expects.

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