03: The Oz Principle (book overview)

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The Oz Principle presents a simple, but powerful model we call The Steps To Accountability.®

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1. The Oz Principle Book Overview- Part 1 
2. The Oz Principle Book Overview- Part 2


Welcome to the Partners In Leadership Author Podcast series. In this series, we are interviewing CEO and three-time New York Times bestselling author, Roger Connors.

This series provides short-duration interviews to answer questions about Partners In Leadership’s training and consulting services.

The topic of this podcast is: An Introduction to Partners In Leadership’s bestselling books.

This podcast is less then 8 minutes in duration.

Roger, can you tell us about your best selling books?

We have had the good fortune of authoring three New York Times bestselling books. Our first, The Oz Principle has been published in numerous languages and has been well received around the globe. It has become the seminal work on workplace accountability since its initial publication.

It continues to be a bestseller, is that right?

Yes. Adrian Zacheim, President of Portfolio Publishing (a division of Penguin Putnam Books), said that The Oz Principle is in the top 5 bestselling business books in the ‘leadership’ and ‘performance’ categories, year after year, since 1994. This book is used as the basis for the Self Track, featuring The Oz Principle Accountability Training.

You have 2 other New York Times Bestsellers, as well. Can you tell us about them?

Yes, we also have Change the Culture, Change the Game. This book lays out our clear and simple methodology for accelerating organizational culture change. It’s a powerful approach to making change happen, giving leaders real traction towards achieving their strategic results.

You feature several client successes in this book, don’t you?

Yes, one story in the book is Alaris Medical Systems, a merger between IVAC and IMED, and, at the time, the most highly leveraged buy out in the history of medical device companies. The culture change effort resulted in a 7000% return on equity investment and one of the largest stock price appreciations in their category according to MONEY magazine.

And, your third book?

Our third bestselling is, How Did That Happen? This book speaks to the flip side of the accountability coin, the side we most often speak about—holding people accountable. Where The Oz Principle lays out the powerful approach to personal accountability, this book shows how to get other people you depend upon to take greater accountability for the results you need to achieve.

Holding others accountable is a popular topic. What’s your latest book on this subject?

It’s called The Wisdom of Oz: Using Personal Accountability To Succeed In Everything You Do.

What is focus of this book?

This book is a short, quick and entertaining presentation of the accountability concepts presented in The Oz Principle, but written for a broader audience.

So, this is a book that I could not only give to my colleagues, but to my spouse, my children at home, to my friends—even the folks I work with in my community service group?

That’s correct. The Wisdom of Oz was written to describe how to use accountability to succeed in everything you do.

I can’t wait to read it. I’m already thinking about several people I could give it to that I think would enjoy, and benefit from, receiving it.

Roger, I’ve enjoyed reading your books and the landmark work that you and your business partner, Tom Smith, have written about over the last two and a half decades.

For our listeners, you can find these books in any major bookstore or go online to Amazon.com. Please contact Partners In Leadership directly at partnersinleadership.com for quantity discounts on large book orders.

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