What is Propeller?

Propeller is a digital tool that simplifies and accelerates progress toward achieving team results. Propeller works by engaging team members in four time-tested and value-added channels of communication and learning: Key Results, feedback, Solve It®, and wisdom.

Navigate your team to the
Key Results you need.

  • Easily see your team’s Key Results.
  • View your team’s ownership of every Key Result in real-time
  • Receive updates, questions, and comments from your team
  • Identify your impact on team results

Learn to Navigate Your Success

Maneuver through problems
and Solve It together

  • Identify and solve problems as they arise
  • Crowdsource solutions from your team
  • Monitor issues and setbacks for your team

Solve Problems Together

Give and receive full feedback
that propels teams forward

  • Coach each other in the moment
  • Send and receive valuable feedback to move forward and get results

Learn More

Learn more about Propeller in this webinar.

Join Craig Hickman and Russ Hill to discover the digital app that brings The Oz Principle into everyday practice. Craig and Russ will discuss brand-new tools to help you ignite team creativity, innovation, and breakthroughs.


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