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We are experts in large-scale enterprise-wide culture transformation efforts. Applying our diverse expertise and #1 award-winning content delivers an agile platform for both transforming organizational culture and optimizing individual performance to achieve results.

Achieve the Results You Want Most

No matter the challenge, we focus on delivering practical and sustainable results. We partner with clients to put recommendations into practice. Drawing on deep industry and leadership experience, our world-class practitioners specialize at infusing correct principles to accelerate culture change at any organizational level—from the senior executives to front-line workers—to advance a client’s business objectives.

Practical. Sustainable. Positive.

Our management consulting services ensure clients achieve lasting success. Our expert team of practitioners can help transform an entire enterprise through a variety of models and means—from facilitating C-suite and boardroom conversations to delivering our high-impact curriculum and methodology in workshop and keynote settings.

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Change the Culture, Change the Game®

Building a Culture of Accountability focused on results doesn’t happen overnight. But it can happen as quickly as your organization embeds the required methodologies into their business processes and systems.

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Our premise: culture produces results, but the right culture produces desired results. The results that organizations are getting today are produced by their current culture. For many companies these results are not the results that they had aimed to achieve. The Partners In Leadership Change Methodology helps leaders achieve their desired results by creating a transformational change in their organizational culture, resulting in a Culture of Accountability.

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Transformational Change

Leveraging our proven and award-winning Cultural Transition Process® curriculum, we help shape organizational culture using a proprietary blend of strategic hands-on consulting services and scalable training approaches—often as a long-term partner in accomplishing your organization’s mission. The result: performance improvement, better employee engagement, and more completely aligned organizational behavior to sustain exceptional performance over time.

Our deep experience and rigorous approach helps clients build cultures of continuous improvement. Specifically, we work closely with clients to:

  • Strengthen focus. We help clients achieve and sustain focus on the results they must deliver. Our proprietary Workplace Accountability Study studied thousands of organizations to find that fewer than 15% are focused enterprise-wide on achieving the results they most need—due to poorly defined or misunderstood objectives, shifting priorities, lack of alignment, and poor engagement.
  • Shape and deliver transformational change. We help clients define Key Results. We will help you develop a game plan for transforming your organization into one capable of delivering the results you need most.
  • Shift organizational culture. We will assess the culture you have (C1), help you define the culture you want (C2), and show you how and help you to accelerate a change in the way people think and act. We’ve found that when you establish the personal accountability ground rule as fundamental to the change process, you accelerate the change and speed up the ability for people to think and act differently and that impacts the results you are getting.
  • Help leaders model needed change. Senior leaders have a unique role in transformational change: They must provide cues about what really matters for everyone in the organization to follow. We help leaders make the transformation personal, role-model the change, openly engage others, and spotlight successes. We also help build commitment and alignment within the senior team.
  • Coach leaders on sustaining change. We coach leaders to create the right kind of experiences early in the change process so that they can affect the biases people hold and get people looking for the change they want. At the outset, it’s all about getting people to look for and recognize the evidence that supports the change effort—both in terms of why the change is important and the fact that the change is occurring. Human behavior is generally predictable—we find what we look for.
  • Enterprise-wide Licensing. An enterprise-wide, multi-year licensing arrangement is an even more powerful option for embedding our approach into your organizational culture with the use of cutting-edge technologies and the latest in training and development research.

We have found the solution to myriad business challenges rests with a strong dose of the right kind of personal and organizational accountability—an understanding that accountability is a principle of power that rewards when things go right—not something that happens to you when things go wrong.

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Are You Focused?

Our proprietary Workplace Accountability Study studied thousands of organizations to find that fewer than 15% are focused enterprise-wide on achieving the results they most need.

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