Culture Is Not Always Business as Usual

The range of organizations that provides business and financial services reaches far and wide, offering B2B and B2C products and services of all shapes and sizes. As each business is unique, so are the company cultures of each. Our extensive experience in understanding marketplaces, trends, and challenges of the business and financial services landscapes provide us the ability to tailor our culture change management methodologies to meet the needs of any organization.

Helping Businesses Do Business

Download the interview with the thought leaders on workplace accountability and culture change, Roger Connors and Tom Smith. In this piece, you’ll discover a simple and powerful means to transform your culture into a powerhouse resource.


Impact Story

Teaching a Culture to Tango

In late 2014 Daymon Worldwide, the pioneer in private brand development and in-store demonstrations, realized that new industry challenges and massive shifts in market were forcing the company to change or be changed. Variables such as the emergence of large online retailers like Amazon, the emergence of niche physical and online retailers, and the global spread of “hard discount” chains created a saturated market that was difficult to navigate. Something needed to be done. It was time for a change in Daymon’s culture.

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“It’s in the simplicity of our Change Methodology that allows it to be so agile with any business in any industry. It can easily be adapted to fit the exact needs of our clients and ensures long-term sustainability and delivery of results.”

 – Tracy Skousen, Senior Partner & Industry Practice Leader

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