Creating A Culture Of Accountability in Hospitality & Foodservice

No industry depends more on human capital than hospitality and foodservice. Dealing with high turnover, anxious about engagement scores, and with payroll as a major expense area, finding the time and place to initiate change can be difficult—no matter the need. Our unique approach helps organizations like yours create a new foundation for delivering consistent and desired results—every time!

Impact Story: Restaurant Chain Culture Shift

Profits were down and shareholders were concerned about company stock dipping to an all-time low of $3.88 per share. Consequently, employee engagement dropped through the floor at below 50% and turnover rates rose as a result to 110% annually. Without a doubt, company leaders knew the economy wasn’t coming back the way they had known it–”Brinker as usual” could not continue. Something had to be done and an initiative wasn’t going to do it, so Brinker’s senior leadership team turned to Partners In Leadership to help them shift their corporate culture to embrace their new business reality. > Read full story

Hospitality C.M.Whitepaper: The Partners In Leadership® Hospitality & Foodservice Change Methodology

Too often, leaders turn to culture as an afterthought or something that HR should be paying attention to, rather than acknowledging that culture impacts every step of the strategy and every facet of the organization, including the bottom-line results. Your culture is what gets communicated to your guests, competitors, and shareholders.  Read this whitepaper to explore how culture management is what really drives sustainable guest retention and GSAT/CSAT scores.  > Download now

“Whether that’s revenues or RevPAR, guest satisfaction, employee retention, NPS, consumer reviews…or a host of other KPIs unique to this industry, we help create alignment and accountability to deliver on those results.”

 – Tony Bridwell, Partner & Industry Practice Leader

Video Presentation: Using Culture to Boost Customer Satisfaction

This video focuses on how culture management in your organization can influence every customer experience, resulting in greater shareholder value, improved satisfaction scores, higher RevPAR, increased engagement, and more.  Key takeaways include:
  • How communicating clearly defined results is the key to success.
  • That culture and strategy must work together to deliver results.
  • How to create experiences that shape beliefs and spark the right actions to occur.
  • How to leverage certain tools that drive employee engagement and retention.

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Improving the Guest Experience

Reach out to one of our industry experts to find out how our change management methodologies can help your organization improve guest satisfaction, increase employee engagement and retention, and drive positive revenues.