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We’ve partnered with dozens of leading hospital organizations to address mounting pressure from new measures around HCAHPS scores, readmission rates, profit margin, and quality scores. For us, these are both strategic and cultural issues—not to be separated. They must be managed together to achieve the best outcomes.


Sustaining Higher HCAHPS Scores: A Cultural Prescription

What’s the answer to improving the patient experience and HCAHPS? Although many hospitals prefer to use the implementation of additional rounding and new protocols, that’s only a band-aid that’s not going to stop the bleeding of your patient satisfaction scores.  Download our eBook to find out how we blend culture with strategy in order to deliver the best outcomes. > Download Now


Creating a Culture of Accountability® in Hospitals

In this interview with our industry practice leaders and culture change experts you’ll learn how we help hospitals transform their cultures into patient-focused cultures that deliver positive outcomes. The interview explores how to redefine accountability as a positive and powerful principle that will dramatically improve the patient experience. > Read Now

Featured Presentation

Begin At The Bedside: A New View On Improving Patient Satisfaction

Watch this presentation that discusses the essential tools and skills required to accelerate culture change.  It outlines a robust and memorable framework for tying organizational culture to hospital outcomes and describes a simple way to change culture at the bedside. Our experts share how other hospitals have utilized culture change to experience extraordinary outcomes and improved HCAHPS scores. > Watch Now

OSF HealthCare LogoCan you imagine taking your patient satisfaction scores from the 35th percentile to the 73rd percentile in 13 months? That’s just what OSF Home Health did. The patient experience has become the main focus in healthcare today, and the case for change is clear. Censuses, HCAHPS, readmission rates, etc. are all linked to this fundamental outcome of delivering on the patient experience. Discover how this healthcare system transformed their scores. > Read full story

Patient Satisfaction Score (at the beginning)

13 Months Later

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Two-minute overview

putting glove onOnly have a couple of minutes to spare in between rounds? Listen to an overview of one of our recent presentations to explore an approach that hospitals across America are adopting to center their organizational culture on the patient experience. > Play now

Video Presentation Library

IVExplore titles such as, Who Owns HCAHPS Scores? Creating Joint Accountability for the Entire Patient Experience, Leader and Nurse Rounding: Blend Strategy AND Culture to Drive HCAHPS Scores and Diagnosing Culture and Improving HCAHPS. > Explore now

Client Stories

Nancy Johnson, El Rio Community Health Center

Dr. Charles Peck, Athens Regional Healthcare System

AJ Querciagrossa, OSF Home Care Services

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Podcast: Begin at the Bedside

Spend the commute to your hospital experiencing the podcast of our popular presentation, Begin At The Bedside. It will get you up to speed on how a hospital’s culture impacts every patient experience.

Partners In Leadership

Partners In Leadership