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The pharmaceuticals marketplace is predicted to be around $1.6 trillion in 2020. Is your organization moving in the right direction to be a part of that growing market?  We partner with clients of the pharmaceutical and medical device industry to cure “cultural sclerosis” in order to positively impact the drug discovery, development, approval, manufacturing and distribution processes.

Client Results Story: A Contagious Culture

For biopUCB harma company UCB, shifting the company’s value creation focus from the industry’s traditional focus on doctors to the end customer—the person taking the prescription medicine—is a huge bet. UCB set out to create a high value experience for the users of its products by focusing on its organizational culture to create an unstoppable, competitive advantage. > Read full story

“We have worked with pharmaceutical and medical device companies since our inception and have acquired a wealth of expertise uniquely helpful in these industries.”

 – Marcus Nicolls, Senior Partner & Industry Practice Leader

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Whitepaper: The Partners In Leadership® Pharmaceuticals Change Methodology

The healthcare world is shifting quickly and dramatically. You and your business are part of that, whether it’s losing market share to generics, time to market, FDA filings, regulatory compliance, or the myriad of other issues that face you and your business. The key is to build a culture that can cope with these changes quickly so that your culture becomes a competitive advantage. Read this whitepaper to explore why culture management is the cure for cultural sclerosis in Pharma companies. > Download now

Video: Curing Cultural Sclerosis in Pharma by 2020

This featured presentation focuses on how to cure “cultural sclerosis” and transition your organization to take advantage of the predicted $1.6 trillion revenue in the global pharmaceutical industry by 2020.  Key takeaways include:
  • Communicating clearly defined key results;
  • Focusing on strategy and culture to deliver extraordinary outcomes;
  • Creating experiences that shape beliefs and spark important culture shifts; and
  • Leveraging proprietary culture management tools that drive employee engagement.

Fixing 'Cultural Sclerosis' in Your Organization

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