We’ve Cracked the Employee Engagement Code

Helping people at every level of the organization take personal ownership to achieve organizational results is the ultimate aim of any employee engagement initiative. Our Three Tracks To Creating Greater Accountability®: Self, Culture, and Others training and consulting solutions helps your organization do just that. Employee engagement is all about capturing people’s hearts and minds and harnessing the power of their individual and collective ability to get things done.

Engaging the Disengaged

The latest Gallup data suggests we have an emergency on our hands with just under 32 percent of U.S. employees feeling engaged. Worse still, nearly 1 in 5 state they are “actively disengaged”—pointing to the fact that something must be done. In fact, Gallup also estimates that “actively disengaged” employees cost the U.S. between $450-$550 billion in lost productivity every year—clearly pointing out what’s at stake when it comes to having a workplace with engaged employees.

What is the solution across nearly every industry? Employers are rushing to entertain their employees in an effort to engage them. Of course, none are abandoning the time-tested traditional means of pay, time off, and annual bonuses, but somehow these just don’t seem “perky” enough for today’s business climate. Instead, they introduce often-astonishing non-traditional “incentives” in an effort to interest, engage, and retain employees. But once started, where do you stop? Perhaps more importantly, are you seeing a return on this investment?

Rather than trying to engage employees with workplace perks, our approach is to give them something even more rewarding—tying their work to the clearly defined aims of the organization.

 To facilitate this, we help our clients:

  1. Clearly describe 3 to 5 key results your organization must achieve.
  2. Help their employees connect the dots between their own job descriptions and these key results.
  3. Ask employees to take ownership for those results and create a culture where everyone wants the same 3 to 5 things.

By doing this, you’ll get employees that:

  • Stick around through thick and thin.
  • Truly take pride in being a part of the team.
  • Give it their all each and every day.
  • Contribute to (if not own) the results you want from your business.

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