Strengthening Executive Teams

Building effective teams at the executive level is critical to creating a strong organizational culture where execution, accountability, and performance improvement are organizational capabilities that produce lasting results. We help our clients create alignment and open collaboration in the executive ranks, further advancing and reinforcing the mission of the organization.

In one recent survey about affecting a successful culture change within the organization, over two-thirds of those surveyed indicated that either their management team needs to develop the competency to shift culture or that their executive team development is critical in efforts to transform culture. We partner with executive teams, coaching them on how to effectively collaborate and establish alignment in order to roll out any organizational initiative, especially those around workplace accountability and culture change.

Improving the personal development and leadership competency of executive team members is equally important. Twenty-six percent of those surveyed indicated that a major concern for the success of their culture change initiative was dependent upon their ability to get members of the management team “up to speed” and to know how to make that happen.

To affect a successful culture change in our organization…

  • Our management team will need to develop competency in the skills needed to shift culture. 37%
  • Executive team development would be critical to making the change happen. 36%
  • A major concern would be the ability to get the management team “up to speed” in knowing how to make this happen. 26%
  • None apply. 1%

Enterprise-Wide Alignment Starts with Leaders

Building a strong and effective executive team begins by aligning the team around the key results the organization needs to achieve. Eighty-four percent of survey respondents to a recent poll we conducted indicated that changing priorities creates confusion around the key results the organization needs to achieve. Another 93% stated that people have difficulty aligning their daily work with the key results the organization needs to achieve. Creating alignment around key results is a critical skill that leadership teams need to master.

Our ability to work with executive teams to strengthen their ability to align long-term strategic goals with their culture change initiatives provides a collaborative team environment that empowers the leadership team to lead in a way that is compelling and motivating.

Executive Coaching Delivers:

  • Development of high-potential people.
  • Improved leadership effectiveness and performance.
  • Greater alignment between team members.
  • Focused leadership of current Accountability Training efforts.
  • On-going orientation to the Accountability Training for new leaders or team members.

Get Aligned on Strategy and Culture

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