Success Takes Both Culture and Strategy

Organizations can pull two mutually-enhancing levers to produce results: strategy (what they work on) and culture (how they work). Just as the right strategy aims to deliver a client’s mission, a Culture of Accountability® produces the engagement, commitment, ownership, innovation, satisfaction, and, ultimately, the results the mission expects.

Accountability Is the Engine Behind Every Strategy

Without personal accountability, efforts to execute strategy usually fail and result in disappointment and frustration. The lack of personal investment, ownership, and engagement doom any initiative to failure. When people take personal ownership for the success of organizational initiatives and can connect their own success with that of the organization, you get the traction needed to achieve flawless execution.

Our research reveals a lack of confidence in an organization’s ability to execute on strategy, with 62% of respondents indicating deadlines are not adhered to and seen as general guidelines, 68% are confused around what they need to achieve because of shifting priorities, and 70% feel that their organization’s key results are in jeopardy of being achieved or doomed altogether because of a lack of clarity around these results.

These results reflect the underlying challenges in an organization’s ability to execute and successfully implement strategic plans. Our approach – we can cut through the fog of confusion and frustration people face by creating and integrating a Culture of Accountability to effectively execute organizational strategies and initiatives. Accountability is the missing ingredient and the essential element to the success of every organizational initiative.

Get Culture in Your Strategy

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