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We are constantly improving our content to meet your organizational needs. Discover how Accountability Builder (formerly Self Track®), Leadership Builder (formerly Others Track®) and Lead Culture (formerly Culture Track®) are revolutionizing how our clients do business, shape positive cultures of accountability, and drive results.

Accountability Is the Answer™

When it comes to accelerating the success of yourself, team, or organization, it all comes down to building a foundation of accountability. As the pioneers of Accountability Training®, we are known for redefining accountability, replacing the commonly adopted concept of consequential and punitive accountability with a much more positive, empowering definition of accountability—one that acts as the underlying force in the overall success of the organizations we partner with, resulting in spectacular stories.

Our award-winning content around accountability and culture change—developed over decades of research, experience, and optimization—provides the building blocks to our innovative and effective training products and consulting services.

Helping Businesses Build Accountability, Develop Leaders, and Create Accountable Cultures

Our highly recognized products and services are uniquely designed to help guide and strengthen our clients’ ability to deliver results. We work hands-on with organizational leaders, managers, and the workforce to implement these programs through engaging curriculum coupled with experienced practitioners. Our Focused Recognition™, Focused Storytelling™, Focused Accountability™, and Focused Feedback® training teaches individuals across an organization how to communicate in effective, diplomatic, and positive ways in order to create movement within an organization. We tailor our training to meet the needs of the companies we partner with, with each program providing approaches that help strengthen current practices or overcome challenges that our clients face—from the commonplace to the unique.

Redefine Accountability. Create Ownership. Drive Engagement.

Our research shows that 80% of today’s workforce believe that accountability is punishing and consequential—that it only occurs when things go wrong. A workplace functioning under the premise of this view of accountability is typically one that is lackluster, underperforming, and full of blame.

“The Accountability Builder™ program is a game changer and drove our team to a higher level of success.”

Our Accountability Builder™ program (formerly known as Self Track®) flips this perception in a way that instills positive accountability across all levels of your workforce by redefining accountability in a manner that is embraced. It instead sparks motivation, ownership, and innovation. At the core of the offering is an insightful and intuitive model that facilitates an individual’s, team’s, or organization’s ability to demonstrate this powerful form of accountability in their daily work.

The Oz Principle Book

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Leadership Builder

Strengthen Leadership. Execute Expectations. Overcome Challenges.

Over the years as we’ve worked with leaders from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, we’ve found that one of the largest challenges around leadership is the ability to hold others accountable in a positive and principled way where expectations are consistently delivered. In fact, our studies have shown that 52% of people feel that their greatest concern in how others hold them accountable is that there is no consistency in the approach and management of the expectation.

“Leadership Builder™ changed the way I managed my team and now we are so much more productive.”

The Leadership Builder™ program addresses this by providing leaders and managers with a surefire way to manage expectations with those they work with using a methodology that ensures mutual accountability for delivering those expectations. With an intuitive model at its core, this program not only strengthens existing leaders’ ability to hold others accountable, but prepares future talent in your organization with the ability to effectively manage and execute expectations.

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Lead Culture

Shape Culture. Accelerate Change. Create a Culture of Accountability®.

Company culture is a hot area of focus for organizational leaders, but it remains a challenge to shape or manage it. According to Workforce Magazine’s State of Workplace Culture Study, nearly one-third of all organizations are in the initial stages of improving their culture and also points out that true culture change takes 2.6 years on average. This data points to why it’s such a challenge.

Leveraging our proven and award-winning Lead Culture program, we help accelerate and shape organizational culture using a proprietary blend of strategic hands-on consulting services and scalable training approaches—often as a long-term partner in accomplishing your organization’s mission. Lead Culture works because it gets to the root of culture: the beliefs held throughout the organization and the experiences that cause those beliefs to take form. With many of our clients seeing dramatic results in the first year, Lead Culture is a proven, effective, and powerful way to shape your desired culture.

  • Focus: Accelerate culture shaping by creating alignment and accountability around achieving your Key Results.
  • Benefit: Intact teams taking accountability to accelerate culture shaping—to think and act in the manner necessary to achieve a higher level of results.
  • Facilitator Certification Available

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Belief Based Selling

Power UP Your Sales Approach

Sales professionals are frequently driven to produce more. All the furious activity in the world accomplishes little if you don’t confront the single biggest obstacle to increase sales and sustain customer value – the customer belief.

Experience this simple, yet powerful approach that focuses on understanding the customer beliefs that drive their sales behavior. Belief Based Selling guides sales teams to delve deeper into the customer experience by first understanding customer held beliefs.

Learn how to transform your sales organization.

  • Focus: Changing customer beliefs to drive actions and results that are mutually beneficial
  • Benefit: Belief Based Selling explores how to shift the beliefs our customers hold as a means to building more successful customer relationships, creating customer value, and improving sales results.