Our Belief Based Selling sales training provides an effective and accountable way of strengthening sales teams and leaders, ultimately allowing them to achieve greater sales goals while positively solidifying business relationships.

Power UP Your Sales Approach

Sales professionals are frequently driven to produce more. They find themselves falling into the trap of being action oriented, or The Action Trap. All the furious sales activity in the world accomplishes little if you and your team don’t confront the single biggest obstacle to increase sales and sustain customer value – the customer belief.

Is your sales team:

  • Losing customers and business to competitors?
  • Losing motivation and just going through the motions?
  • Gaining a customer, just to lose them later?
  • Unable to break through to finally close the sale?
  • Falling in The Action Trap?

The Answer: Belief Based Selling.

Experience this simple, yet powerful approach that focuses on understanding the customer beliefs that drive their sales behavior. Belief Based Selling guides sales teams to delve deeper into the customer experience by first understanding customer held beliefs.

“It has changed how we approach our market especially in qualifying and marketing new products.”

Enter the New Era of Sales

The vastly competitive, “always on” era of sales empowering our sales professionals is crucial to success. Focusing on less tasks and driving towards more meaningful interactions will be a game changer.

Belief Based Selling liberates sales professional from The Action Trap and drawing upon tried and true models that have built Partners in Leadership into the world’s leading provider of Accountability Training and culture change services: We call it the Belief Based Selling process.

Can your team answer these questions:

  • Do you know your customer’s beliefs, and can you list them?
  • Why are potential customers not buying?
  • What does the competition have that you don’t have?

Find out how to answer these questions and more. Have your sales professionals learn how to:

  • Truly understand customer beliefs around your products, your sales approach, and your company
  • Understand Belief Bias and why it is important
  • Create a Belief Based Selling Plan for 2017

Power UP Your Sales Approach

Take the next step in empowering your sales organization by bringing Belief Based Selling onsite for a training, attend a workshop, or a webinar.

Belief Based Selling Onsite Training

Our Belief Based Selling facilitators train your team, transform their sales approach, increase customer loyalty, and close more sales. During this one-day onsite training, our Belief Based Selling experts will guide your team through a training to combat common sales challenges, understand the customer beliefs, how to conduct ongoing dialogue with your customers, and walk away with a Belief Based Selling Plan. This single day will transform and boost your sales organization.

Belief Based Selling Keynote Presentations

Our Belief Based Selling facilitators are active participants across a number of annual conferences and sales kick off presentations. Their expertise around Belief Based Selling is used to motivate sales organization to lead with the customer experience. Power up your sales approach for 2017!

Complimentary Webinars

Our Belief Based Selling webinars are designed to help viewers to begin understanding the impact that Belief Based Selling will have on their organization. The webinars provide an introduction to key expectations and anticipated outcomes of participating in Belief Based Selling. Attendees walk away motivated and ready to learn how to create new and unique customer experiences.

Take A Step Forward by Taking a Step Back: Fostering Customer Relationships

May 11, 2017 – 10AM PT

In the era of “always on,” we often resort to repetitive sales approaches to gain and sustain our customers. Yet, we only reach our full potential when we can discover what customers truly believe, shift the beliefs that inhibit sales and foster the beliefs that facilitate sales. Take the first step to break through the noise and engage others in successfully shaping desired future beliefs, experiences, and results. Hear real examples of how taking a step back sometimes moves your business forward by creating targeted, meaningful new experiences to foster desired beliefs.

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Keynote Presentations

Kick off 2017 with a keynote that inspires and highlights a revolutionary approach to understanding key hidden sales drivers

Complimentary Consultation

Connect with one of our Belief Based Selling experts to schedule your complimentary consultation

Onsite Training

Our Belief Based Selling experts train your team, transforming their sales approach, delighting customers, and closing sales