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Our Lead Culture program is a powerful change management process designed to accelerate and transform culture by creating alignment and accountability for the change effort. Utilizing a powerful and insightful model known as The Results Pyramid®, coupled with innovative cultural management tools, Lead Culture gets real traction around the desired culture, acting as a major catalyst in an organization’s path to greater success. Drawing from the principles introduced in the groundbreaking New York Times bestselling book on change management, Change the Culture, Change the Game, this program not only helps intact teams but can be rolled out enterprise-wide to hundreds of thousands of employees.

Accelerate. Enhance. Create a Culture of Accountability®.

Change management can be difficult, in fact, 70% of organizations say their change management efforts are currently lacking a simple and effective model that people at all levels can use. Lead Culture greatly facilitates change management efforts in a way that is effective, meaningful, and embraced by leadership and the workforce alike.

Specifically, we partner with our clients to implement this impactful change management program throughout their organization to:

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Start Shaping Your New Culture, Today!

Our Lead Culture® program is designed to be an in-depth consultative experience with organizational leaders and utilizes an effective, scalable training process that can be implemented and rolled out enterprise-wide.

For interest in learning how we can start to help your organization shape your desired culture, contact one of our experts today.

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Connect with one of our Culture Change experts to schedule your complimentary consultation

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Our Culture experts come onsite to your location to train your team or your entire company. You receive assessments, consultations, workbooks, access to our Partners In Leadership tools online and more.

Train The Facilitator (TTF)

We’ll come in and train your trainers on how to deliver our accountability training program. It’s so impactful we call it “Train the Facilitator”, your training team becomes an in-house powerhouse of fundamental change within your organization.

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