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Activate Your Culture for Breakthrough Results

To deliver results, you need the hearts and minds of everyone in your organization

Our proven and award-winning Lead Culture program helps leaders like you shape organizational culture and accelerate change. The program leverages a proprietary blend of strategic hands-on consulting services and scalable training approaches. It works because it gets to the root of culture: the beliefs held throughout the organization and the experiences that cause those beliefs to take shape.

Creating a Culture of Accountability is fundamental to creating breakthrough results!

Key Outcomes:

  • Clearly define and create alignment around the key results the organization must achieve.
  • Identify the way people think and act currently and what needs to shift in order to achieve the key results.
  • Capture and articulate those shifts into beliefs that guide the change process.
  • Create alignment around those shifts and instill accountability for them at every level of the organization.
  • Introduce simple models and tools to operationalize the change.
  • Create the proper balance between the complimentary efforts to train, retain and sustain key culture management skills needed to accelerate and successfully implement the change effort.
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Assessments and Interviews

We interview key executives and implement the online Partners In Leadership Organizational Culture Assessment to familiarize ourselves with your culture and consider appropriate next steps. We debrief findings with key leaders and outline the leadership that will be required in the overall culture change process.

Executive Planning

We take you through our systematic process to ensure that senior leaders identify, define, and prioritize the top Key Results essential to their organization’s success.

Train. Retain. Sustain. (TRS) is a proven process for shaping culture to achieve sustainable results. It begins with aligning the organization around the desired culture, moves to building ability in culture management, and then embeds the culture into organizational practices to create competitive advantage.  A group of internal Culture Champions develops the TRS plan under the direction of the senior team and then implements the plan.


To overcome a bias that exists with presently held beliefs we facilitate a process with the expanded leadership team to define the needed shifts in the way people think and act.  With these shifts in mind we establish clear and concise Cultural Beliefs that are strategically aligned with the Key Results the organization must deliver. Together the new Cultural Beliefs form a system and provide a needed backdrop for the implementation and integration of key culture management models and tools needed to accelerate the culture change.

The training centers around key models and tools and is implemented in an engaging, practical way. The Culture Management Tools are necessary to operationalize the change and maintain needed alignment around how people must think and act to achieve organizational results


Most change efforts stall after the training effort is completed because little thought is given to how to reinforce the same message over and over again, in unique and meaningful ways. The Retain component ensures continuance of the culture framework beyond the initial training and anchors the shifts in thinking and behavior within the culture. Retention increases dramatically when leaders demonstrate commitment to the change.  Leaders at all levels visibly apply the models and tools hold integration meetings, lead application sessions, and implement  the next steps developed during initial meetings.


The Cultural Beliefs become “locked in” by ensuring that all business systems, policies and practices are aligned with the desired culture shifts. This work ensures that the culture effort is showing up in HR, finance, reporting, and operational systems. Complete alignment of business systems will protect and sustain the hard-fought shifts made during Train and Retain. 

In addition, Partners In Leadership provides leaders with access to a powerful proprietary online Implementation Tool Set.

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Award-Winning Results

After discovering department silos and misalignment around results, Redstone Federal Credit Union (RFCU) engaged Partners In Leadership to help them shape their culture for better results. Our client has since experienced breakthroughs in cross-collaboration and strategic alignment, surpassing its previous metrics and achieving maximum-tier goals.

  • Loan Growth: 960.63%
  • Employee Growth: 107.70%
  • Non-Interest Income Growth: 52.19%
  • Community Involvement Growth in Contributions: 1,567.84%
  • Total Member Giveback Growth: 1,218.92% (This number is in addition to Dividends paid on deposits and equates to 40+% of Net Income given back to RFCU members!)

This transformation earned RFCU the Platinum Award for Best Achievement in Organizational Operational Excellence at the 2018 Business Transformation and Operational Excellence Word Summit (BTOES) and the Ruby Award for Excellence in Accountability, Leadership, and Culture, the highest award paresented at The Ozzies™ Awards 2017.

What Leaders Are Saying about Lead Culture™

“Never underestimate the impact of culture on performance. Since introducing and institutionalizing our Cultural Beliefs throughout Novelis, we have seen record-breaking financial and operational results quarter after quarter. There is no doubt that these two things are inextricably linked.”

Joanne McInnerney, Ph.D. Vice President, Human Resources, Novelis

“Over the last few years, culture has become a topic for many organizations, leaving leaders asking, ‘Is great culture a mystery that you can’t get your arms around? Is creating a great culture impossible…simply a legendary myth?’ I say it’s neither. A great culture is MAGIC—a magical, powerful world that produces extraordinary results!”

Kathy Neyman, Senior AVP, Culture and Leadership Development,

Redstone Federal Credit Union

“The tools introduced by Connors and Smith provide a roadmap that will guide an organization through the transition that is essential to achieving desired results. Our firsthand experience with the application of these tools has proven to me that these concepts accelerate culture change.”

Joanne Bauer, President Health Care Kimberly-Clark Corp.


“This has been the most successful equity story we have been associated with. We had over a 7000% return on equity investment from when we started our work with Partners In Leadership to when we were successfully acquired, which is really a success story.”

Dave Schlotterbeck, Former President & CEO, ALARIS Medical Systems

“After a year of struggle to build a team, we began to use the Partners In Leadership process and to understand the power of staff alignment and the need for everyone to be accountable Above The Line. In a very short time, we heard the terms, “alignment,” “accountability,” “victim,” “powerless,” or “powerful” being used throughout the organization. Even more impressive were the changes in behavior that were observed as the process was spread.”

Mike Eagle, Vice President, Eli Lilly & Co.
JPMorgan Chase & Co.

“The transformation of corporate culture—perhaps the most important single leadership challenge facing organizations today—has largely eluded the recent wave of performance improvement innovations. Partners In Leadership’s processes for cultural change work not only in theory but also in practice. They provide hands-on, concrete tools for helping organizations fulfill their potential.”

Sidney Taurel, Chairman & CEO, Eli Lilly & Co.
JPMorgan Chase & Co.

“One of the most remarkable benefits that I personally felt from the Culture of Accountability process was the shift in some of the senior leaders’ mindsets and attitudes and ability to be a part of the team. They are very bright, talented people, but we weren’t on the same page, and today to see them on the same page, see them productive is very satisfying.”

Brad Mason, Group President, North America Orthofix, Inc.

“Your seminars have inspired all of us to communicate much more effectively, which has increased employee morale across the board. We worked together to achieve company goals and are much more aware of the culture we can create for staff, as well as for consumers. Learning to hold ourselves accountable in every facet of the business has helped us come together as one company, striving for our unified goals.”

Will Green, President, The Omni Club

“Management today is more complex than ever, and the literature is full of techniques with many gimmicks. Accountability Training is so fundamental and easily understood that I believe it can have a positive impact in any organization. I will continue to encourage its application in every organization with which I am affiliated.”

Mike Eagle, Vice President, Eli Lilly & Co.

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