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Do you need to close performance gaps?

Master how to hold others accountable using Leadership Builder™ tools and techniques.

Holding others accountable in a positive, principled way is simply doing two things:
1) Establishing expectations and
2) Managing unmet expectations.

One of the most valuable skillsets a leader can develop is the ability to effectively establish the expectations they hold of others. Using common sense and experience-based learning, this program strengthens leaders’ ability to hold others accountable in a positive and principled way.

In our 1-day training, master how to:

  • Create positive accountability
  • Establish expectations
  • Manage unmet expectations
  • Close performance gaps
  • Accelerate communication
  • Elevate employee morale

A Game-Changer for Organizational Leaders

The central framework in this training is the Accountability Sequence® model, which provides leaders a proven process to establish expectations and manage unmet expectations in a way that will turnaround performance and help others achieve the result. This is key to holding others accountable in a positive, principled way.

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Our 1-Day Training Includes Mastering How To:

Create positive accountability: Our research shows that people want to work in a culture where leaders know how to hold others responsible.

FORM expectations: FORM is an acronym that shows leaders how to set expectations in a way that is Frameable, Obtainable, Repeatable, and Measurable—ensuring successful understanding and execution.

Communicate the “Why”: Create a compelling “why” behind formed expectations. This ensures the business case behind the expectations are capturing the hearts and minds of those you’re depending upon to deliver.

Ensure alignment around expectations: Utilize a simple and meaningful dialogue to ensure you have alignment around delivering upon the expectations you have of others.

Make inspection simple and welcomed: Learn how to involve all parties in your inspection process, creating a positive experience that results in the expectation being delivered.

ACT on Unmet Expectations: Master a simple and tested process for identifying why someone is underperforming (Accountability, Culture, or Training) and then apply the appropriate solution.

What’s Unique About Our Training?

Results-focused: Because the workshop focuses on real business applications, people often comment that this training doesn’t feel like a day away from work. The training is centered on achieving desired company results and creates the necessary dialogue to improve overall performance.

Simple, powerful tools: Our models, tools, and training methodologies are simple, memorable and practical. They are also powerful and implemented effectively will assist organizations in closing the most challenging accountability gaps.
Common language: We provide teams and organizations a common language that facilitates communication and collaboration around results and expectations.

Expert facilitators: Learn from the Pioneers of Accountability Training. We are experts in developing a Culture of Accountability as a strategic solution for achieving results, where people take accountability to think and act in the manner necessary to achieve the desired result.

#1 award-winning content: Our content has earned multiple awards, including Gold, Silver, and Bronze, from Chief Learning Officer’s Learning In Practice awards in both Excellence in Content and Excellence in Social Learning categories. How Did That Happen? has appeared on top bestselling lists, including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Publisher’s Weekly. It was named the Amazon.com Best of 2009 Series.


Multiple Ways to Learn


We come to you with our master trainers and train your team or organizational leaders on these game-changing leadership techniques.


Come to a public workshop near you. View schedule to see when we’re coming to your city.


We extend our 1-day training for a second day where our master trainers reveal through certification how you can be the trainer of this exciting approach within your own organization. Get Certified and hold your own training meetings using our materials.

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What Leaders Are Saying about Leadership Builder

“It’s harder than it looks: many leaders struggle to hold people accountable. Being individually accountable is not sufficient if you want to lead organizations; you must find a way to hold others accountable while engaging their hearts and minds to deliver real results. Partners In Leadership delivers specific and practical advice to do just that.”

Ginger Graham, Former CEO, Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

“Partners In Leadership addresses the missing piece of the equation for improved results and profitability: holding people accountable for results in a positive, principled way. Accountability is the cornerstone of any successful culture and continues to be for ours.”

Paul J. Byrne, President, Precor

“The themes of the program, alignment, and behavior, have assisted us in focusing all employees on Waters’ goals while improving team work and accountability.”

E. Paul Warner, Vice President of Human Resources, Waters


“The Partners In Leadership process is the foundation upon which ownership down through our division is built. We are planning, executing, and meeting adversity at least twice as effectively. The Partners In Leadership process is forcing a healthy reflection among the company leadership about the experiences that we create for our people. PIL is the most exciting leadership process that I have utilized.”

R. Fredrick McCoy Jr., CFO, Celltech Pharmaceuticals

“…many corporations overlook their greatest competitive advantage—their people. Partners In Leadership does an artful job of turning the complex task of managing people to achieve results into simple concepts and models that anyone can follow—best of all, their approach is positive and principled.”

Danny P. Harris, Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, OGE Energy Corp.

“I recommend this training to any organization that is interested in getting staff to examine how individual accountability can impact the company’s bottom-line.”

Mary L. Oden, Associate Medical Center Director for Education, Department of Veterans Affairs

“Our level of satisfaction is to such a degree that we now consider Partners In Leadership a ‘Vendor of Choice.’ Not only is our working relationship one of mutual respect, but the content of the workshops is so key to our company’s success.”

Steve Burg, Director, Management & Account Training, Daiichi Sankyo, Inc.

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