PIL University®

PIL University® features three centers for Certified Facilitator excellence encompassing Curriculum, Learning and Workshop Resources. Certified Facilitators gain access to valuable tools such as Facilitator Guides, Participant Workbooks and Slide Presentations. Within the Learning Center, Partners In Leadership Senior Leadership Consultants and Executive Facilitators demonstrate workshop delivery through Certified Internal Facilitator Video Segments. Each video corresponds to the activities found in the Facilitator Guide and demonstrates how to deliver the training.

Certified Facilitators establish and reinforce key learning points through case studies, the Workshop Video Library, original PIL research and data found in the Workshop Resource Center, a place where experts engage in collaboration.

PILU provides a Accountability Community™ of certified facilitators representing some of the world’s “Most admired” companies from over 50 countries, who are instrumental in creating greater accountability.

This website is available exclusively to certified facilitators, providing access to up-to-date materials, offering support, and furnishing opportunities for advanced learning.