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Inspire greater personal ownership and accelerate results.

Develop With Process

Any advantage the best companies today have comes from strong cultures and accountable workforces—all doable by you. Achieve greater alignment, agility, and innovation by focusing on getting your people to think and act in new ways. This is the heart of our team development process. Once you commit to this level of talent and leadership development, watch your game change and find yourself among the best.

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“This model of vision, focus, and accountability will propel your team and organization to the highest levels of performance.”

– Bob Ritz, CEO, Mercy Health Network

How We Help Clients

Inspire Your Workforce

Greater alignment around purpose pays off in the form of innovation, better solutions, and accelerated delivery around your team’s most important priorities.

Align and Focus

Clarify expectations and results so people understand where to focus their ideas, energy, and time. Help your team see the connection between individual daily contributions and longer-term business outcomes—to increase buy-in and accountability.

Speak a Common Language

Deliver and then leverage a common language that helps everyone recognize desired behaviors, improves the frequency of feedback, enhances problem-solving, and creates ownership. With this, you’re already leaning into the culture you’re trying to create.

Elevate AccountabilIty

Clarifying purpose focuses everyone on accountability—which in turn inspires individuals and teams to come together to deliver your key results. This begins an upward cycle of greater motivation, ownership, innovation, and growth.


Build a Legacy

Chad Magleby envisioned his construction company filled with team members who were even more passionate about their work, more comfortable collaborating in a positive manner, and more empowered to make a difference. Then he went to work to build the culture of his dreams.

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Cutting Sarcasm

Bristol Farms shifted from a culture of sarcasm to one anchored in accountability—all with the help of a common language. Employees ditched the blame game and learned to communicate in ways that were more positive and focused on the business.

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Power of Storytelling

Susan Carroll used storytelling to eliminate nameless and faceless errors in her hospital. “We made a story out of every patient harm, which helped employees connect back to the purpose we set out to achieve the result of Zero Harm.”

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