Tracy O. Skousen

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“By embracing positive accountability, you can propel your company forward.”


Tracy O. Skousen is Senior Partner, Author, President International Division, and the SVP of the Accountability Business Unit. He is a vital partner in helping organizational leaders apply the Partners In Leadership methodology and process to situational needs, new market conditions, and ever-changing workforce dynamics. This directly impacts an organization’s ability to sustain and improve performance, execution, agility, innovation, collaboration, speed to market, and communication.


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Tracy has over 25 years of experience in the leadership development and consulting industry. Executive partners rely on Tracy’s expertise in accountability, culture management, executive coaching, and facilitating difficult but necessary conversations to help shift mindsets and develop accountable workforces. Tracy provides organizations the tools and frameworks necessary to integrate dramatic changes in modern workplace, including new leadership development, insertion of new leadership, and diversity and inclusion initiatives. Through this integration, organizational leaders see how practicing accountability improves performance, builds stronger cultures, and empowers all employees to take greater ownership for achieving topline results.

An industry thought leader with vast observational and experiential background, Tracy co-authored Fix It: Getting Accountability Right and is a contributing writer to print and online publications. Notably, two of his articles, The Ultimate Disruption: Shape Your Culture or It Will Shape You and Future-Proof Your Company from Disruption, recently appeared in The Edge, a journal for c-suite executives.

Tracy received his Bachelor of Science from Brigham Young University in International Relations. He has lived abroad and is fluent in the Spanish language. Tracy and his wife, Diane, have six children and four grandchildren.

Tracy has partnered with CEOs throughout the globe in all industries to help organizations create a Culture of Accountability for achieving greater alignment around strategy, culture, and reaching top results. He works with CEOs and their teams in enterprise-wide, multi-year processes focused on developing accountability skills to achieve unprecedented results at notable organizations across all industries, such as PETRONAS, Ford, Hormel, Cigna, FIS, Lens Crafters, Walmart, McDonald’s, Chase, Marriott, Pfizer, Microsoft, Sime Darby, and Kellogg.

Tracy lends his expertise to design curriculums for Partners In Leadership’s accountability and leadership workshops, drawing from the models, concepts, and methodologies of two New York Times bestselling books, The Oz Principle and How Did That Happen? He has been featured at national conferences, on the Business America radio program, and as a member of numerous panels as an industry expert.

He has been featured at national conferences, on the Business America radio program, and as a member of numerous panels as an industry expert.

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