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  • Engaging the C-suite and senior level executives to lead the transformation effort.
  • Aligning people at all levels around the R2 with the Results-Clarification Build Out™.
  • Utilizing #1 award-winning curriculum and methodology to accelerate the change process.
  • Reaching the front line with strategic, appropriate touchpoints.
  • Deploying our market-leading digital tools for collaborative problem solving, enhanced communication, increased employee engagement, and support of culture change initiatives.


It’s all about achieving R2. Your current culture—“how people think and act”—is producing the results you’re currently getting (what we call R1). For different, even better, results (what we call R2), you’ll need a culture designed to deliver those R2 results. To transform your culture into one that is aligned, engaged, and accountable for those results, our tailored approach includes:

“This is the most successful, transformational approach you’ll ever encounter!”

-Tony Bridwell

Chief People Officer, Brinker International

We are experts in large-scale enterprise-wide
culture transformation efforts (what we call “Big T”),
as well as focused training of targeted populations
(what we call “Little t”). Applying our diverse expertise
and #1 award-winning content delivers an agile
platform for both transforming organizational culture and optimizing individual performance to achieve results.

The best of both worlds.