“Culture change is not something you do to an organization. It’s a ‘leader-led’ process—it’s about you going first – changing first, even changing the most. From there it ripples through the whole organization as one wave after another of changed behaviors.”

Jim Arnold

Senior Vice President, Nexen Oil Sands

After the Chinese National Offshore Oil Company acquired Nexen, Inc., the company’s leadership team was required to improve production rates, safety, and cost performance. They knew the current mindset wouldn’t achieve these results; they needed greater accountability and focus. It was time to address culture, and they decided to pilot Culture Track Training with a specific division.

Leaders and employees alike were skeptical that culture change would improve the bottom line, but as they rolled out our Cultural Transition Process
® using on-site trainers, the broader team quickly began to realize the benefits of their simplified Key Results and new Cultural Beliefs®. Within two months of the divisional pilot, Nexen deployed a full organizational rollout.


  Original division increased production by 23%,
    yielding five months of profitability (a first).

  Dramatic reduction in safety incidents.

  Organization-wide, production and cost targets
    met for the first time in 13 years.

  Nexen named to Canada’s Top 100 Places to Work.

Over the course of 14 months:


Culture Track



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to yield real traction around results.

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to accelerate the culture change and

think and act in the manner necessary to achieve your R2.

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